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AP sources: ObamaCare “on track” to hit seven million sign-ups before deadline « Hot Air

I’m not sure what “on track” means given that the deadline’s now come and gone. Presumably it’s a reference to last week’s extension for people who are “in line”: All you need to do is swear that you tried to sign up before March 31st but ran into technical problems and you get extra time to complete the process. That extension was, transparently, all about giving the White House a better chance to reach seven million sign-ups — their original projection for enrollment this year — so that they can now declare “mission accomplished.”

RAND Corporation Study: Most Obamacare Enrollees Were Already Insured

Only roughly one-third of Americans who have signed up for healthcare plans using the Obamacare exchanges were previously without health insurance, a RAND study says.

Three Quarters of Enrollees in Obamacare to See Premiums Rise

The Affordable Care Act, which the president promised would reduce the typical American family’s health insurance by $2,500 per year, has in fact raised insurance costs for three-quarters of Obamacare policy holders, according to the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic.

British sniper kills six Taliban fighters with a single bullet | Mail Online

British sniper kills SIX Taliban fighters with a SINGLE bullet: Ace marksman hit suicide bomber’s explosive vest from half a mile

Blog: April Fool’s Day ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

McKinsey & Co. says that only 27% of those who have picked a plan through Obamacare were previously uninsured.

Deaf Obamacare Applicants Instructed To Call Sex Chat Line | The Lonely Conservative

California’s Obamacare exchange website includes a phone number the hearing impaired can call to get answers to their questions about health insurance. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the number doesn’t take them to the navigators they’re looking for, it takes them to a sex chat line!

Coca-Cola facing class action over advertising, labeling | Legal Newsline

Coca-Cola is being sued in federal court over the advertising and labeling of its soft drinks.

The Case for Profanity in Print –

LAST month, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland made some impolitic comments about the European Union during a phone call with the ambassador to Ukraine. The phone call was leaked, leading to an embarrassing diplomatic incident that was covered in multiple articles in the media. But what, exactly, did Ms. Nuland say?