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What Misinformation Did the Local Boston Press Conference Clear Up? | Video |

State officials and federal law enforcement agents on Tuesday held a press conference to update the nation on Monday’s tragic marathon bombings.

BREAKING REPORT: Police Have Video of Suspect Dropping Bombs in Trash Cans (UPDATED) | The Gateway Pundit

UPDATE:  Confirmed.  Police have video of suspect planting bombs.

Injured Saudi is a witness, not a suspect, in Boston bombing – The Washington Post

U.S. law enforcement officials said Tuesday that a national injured in the bombing is regarded as a witness, not a suspect.

Westboro Baptist Church says they’ll picket Boston Marathon victims’ funerals — RT USA

Martin Richard: Boston Marathon bombings victim aged 8 was waiting to give father a hug at finish line | Mail Online

CBS News: Bombs Made to Look Like ‘Discarded Property’ « CBS DC

A person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still going on said the explosives were put in 6-liter kitchen pressure cookers, hidden in black duffel bags and left on the ground. They were packed with shrapnel, the person said.

‘Suspicious’ Driver Leads Police, FBI to Apartment in Revere, Mass. Following Boston Terror Attack, Federal Search Warrant Served | Video |

The source said police pulled over a suspicious driver who drove past the State Police barracks a number of times after the bombings. The driver reportedly was displaying a “nervous demeanor.”

GOP Rep. Peter King On Boston Bombing: “We Need More Cameras” | RealClearPolitics

I think we do because I think privacy involves being in a private location. Being out in the street is not an expectation of privacy. Anyone can look at you, can see you, can watch what you’re doing. A camera just makes it more sophisticated, but it’s no different from your neighbor looking out the window at you or a police officer looking at you walking down the street.

No word yet on how many children the Blobfish knocked over while he was running to the cameras to make his cheap political point while standing on the graves of the dead.

Martin Richard: Father’s heartbreak at death of son in Boston Marathon bombings | Mail Online

Instead he returned to his house in Dorchester, Massachusetts looking like ‘the walking dead’ as he struggled to come to terms with the loss of his eight-year-old son, Martin, and the horrific injuries suffered by his wife, Denise, and six-year-old daughter, Jane.

Martin Richard: Boston Marathon bombings victim aged 8 was waiting to give father a hug at finish line | Mail Online

Doctors confused another victim, Krystle Campbell, 29, with her friend, so for hours her parents believed she was alive and undergoing surgery. Only when they went to visit her in hospital, did they realize the patient was not their daughter.