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University Of Michigan Wastes $400,000 Moving A SINGLE TREE | The Daily Caller

The University of Michigan is spending some $400,000 to relocate a big less than 100 yards away.

Federal paralegals had no work, so they surfed the Internet – The Washington Post

Dozens of federal employees at an obscure agency that handles appeals of patent applications went years with so little work to do that they collected salaries — and even bonuses — while they surfed the Internet, did laundry, exercised and watched television, an investigation has found.

Government Paralegals ‘Paid to Do Nothing’ Rewarded with Bonuses | Washington Free Beacon

Paralegals hired to work in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office were “,” passing their time watching television, doing laundry, and shopping online, according to the Commerce Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Rooftop Funeral Services In Lomita Have Nearby Condo Residents Ready To Scream « CBS Los Angeles

Residents of the Vista Verde condos in Lomita are seething about a nearby memorial park’s rooftop mausoleum.

School plans microchip bracelets – national |

A North Canterbury school’s plan to fit students with microchip bracelets to track their behaviour has prompted concern among parents.

School puts microchip bracelets plan on hold |

Swannanoa School has put a hold on its controversial microchip bracelet scheme for tracking student behaviour.

If You Don’t Support Israel Against Hamas, You Are An Ignorant Moron | The Burning Truth

This is a repost from last Sunday from my Facebook profile.  It’s generated a lot of attention, and Facebook doesn’t like including the ‘share’ button on my posts.  Explaining permalinking to people has been tedious, so I figured I’d make this post.

“The Lid”: The “Official” Account of Sunday’s Israel Attack On UN School Was Staged By Hamas

As reported by Rick Moran at the PJ Tatler, the U.K Guardian pointed out the “projectile” hit on the road outside the gates of the school and the UK Telegram reported there was little damage beyond a hole in the middle of the road.

Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits Of Using Civilians | Truth Revolt

The soldiers and commanders (of the IDF) must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of people and [destruction of] civilian facilities. It is difficult for them to get the most use out of their firearms, especially of supporting fire [e.g. artillery].

“The Lid”: Hamas Leader Says There Are No Human Shields So Here Are 10 MORE Examples Proving Hamas Uses Human Shields

Khaled Meshaal the leader of says his organization does not use human shields.

‘Don’t Use Me’: Reporter Admits Seeing Rocket Fired from Gaza Hospital, then Blasts Pro-Israel Media for Quoting Her | Video |

A correspondent covering the conflict for a Finnish media outlet reported seeing a rocket being launched from City’s main hospital, Shifa, but later lashed out at the pro-Israel media for its “disgusting” use of her report as a “propaganda weapon.”

Israel-Gaza conflict: Hamas “Social Media Activist Campaign” distorts civilian casualty figures by Tim Burton

The Hamas Interior Ministry has published guidelines on how to exploit Western gullibility when discussing civilian casualties using social media during the current Israel-Gaza conflict.

Jon Voight Pens Letter To ‘Ignorant’ Celebrities: ‘Hang Your Heads In Shame’ – Fox Nation

The actor urges colleagues to “examine their motives,” asking “Can you take back the fire of anti-Semitism that is raging all over the world now?”

Several charges thrown out in St. Joseph Co. election fraud case | Local – Home

There is an update in the election fraud case that sent former St. Joseph County Democratic Chairman Butch Morgan to prison.

Principal who ‘banned Spanish at school’ speaks out | Mail Online

A Texas who sparked national controversy after she told students at her heavily-Hispanic middle school to speak English in class claims she is being persecuted for following state education rules.

‘Doesn’t Matter Anymore’: Border Patrol Agent Voices Frustration to Trucker – Fox Nation

It’s only a few seconds of video, but it illustrates the frustration of many Americans over the crisis at the southern border.

St. Charles Man Ticketed for Improper Parking in His Own Driveway (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

On Friday, St. Charles resident Troy Underwood and his family spent the day at Six Flags. He returned home and discovered a $25 ticket on his truck.

Rep. DeLauro: Tax Every Teaspoon of Sugar | CNS News

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) introduced this week the -Sweetened Beverages (SWEET Act), which aims to institute a of one cent per teaspoon – 4.2 grams – of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or caloric sweetener.

Gut got you down? Listen to your new anthem: ‘I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore’

Gut got you down? Listen to your new anthem: ‘I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore’