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ATF Trying to Ban AR-15 Ammo Under Guise of “Law Enforcement Safety” – Katie Pavlich

In its never ending goal to modern sporting rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has proposed new regulations banning common ammunition, arguing it’s necessary to protect the safety of law enforcement officers. The NRA sounded the alarm late last week:

Fortess Defense Consultants

Frank Sharpe Jr. from Fortress Defense Consultants joined us to discuss the ’s move on this .

Municipal ID law has ‘delete in case of Tea Party’ clause | New York Post

Get the shredders ready — the Tea Party could be coming.

Wallingford man’s lawsuit claims fall from mechanical bull caused ‘permanent, serious’ injury | Fox News

A Wallingford man is suing a Southington restaurant and bar claiming “permanent, serious” injury after being thrown from a mechanical bull.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen halts Obama amnesty – Washington Times

A federal judge late Monday halted President ’s deportation amnesty, ruling he overstepped his powers in trying to grant legal status and “benefits and privileges” to millions of illegal immigrants, in a stunning decision that chides the president and throws the White House’s plans into disarray just a day before applications were to be accepted.

‘OH. MY. GOD.’ Creepy Joe Biden strikes again at swearing in of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter! [photo] | Twitchy

Check out what could be the most Joe-Bideny of the Joe-Biden-acts-inappropriately pics yet:

After lobbying push, drugmaker resubmits women’s sex pill | Fox News

The makers of a twice-rejected pill designed to boost female libido are resubmitting their drug to federal health regulators, following a recent lobbying blitz by politicians, women’s groups and consumer advocates aimed at pushing it onto the market.

Which Bible Character Are You? Take This Quiz to Discover the Answer. |

The is filled with characters who represent and possess a wide-range of traits and personalities. That in mind, which Old or New Testament figure do you most relate to?

This Mom Lost Custody After She Left Her Kid Alone at Home for 90 Minutes – Hit & Run :

In the summer of 2013, a Canadian mom left her 6-year-old boy home alone for 90 minutes while she ran some errands. No one disputes that the house was locked and that the boy had plenty of food and water (and TV), nor that the boy was anything other than fine. Nonetheless, the mom was charged with child abandonment. She lost and hasn’t seen her son since her arrest. She has been fighting in Manitoban court to get him back ever since.

Watch: These Parents Were Scared to Let Their Kids Walk Alone in New York City. They Did It Anyway. – Hit & Run :

Growing up on a small farm in rural New Mexico, Rusty Heath remembers his mother telling him on summer mornings “go do whatever you’re going to do, don’t hurt yourself, and we’ll see you later.” He and his twin brother would spend their days horse back riding, camping, and fishing…without adult supervision. Rusty’s wife, Leah, also a New Mexico-native, had a similarly free-range childhood. “We would go and ride our bikes and chase lizards,” she says, “and we were out there till we felt like coming back, and I don’t remember anyone coming looking for us.”

Free Range Kids

What do our kids lose out on when we “protect” them from the world? Here’s a comment on the post from a few days ago, “How Did Your Adventures as a Kid Influence the Person You Are Now?” I would love to hear your stories of childhood’s enduring influence, too.

Teacher changes name to ABCDEFG HIJKLMN OPQRST UVWXYZ and her reason is even more bizarre – Mirror Online

World’s most barmy name change? The woman always wanted a name that is difficult to say

TRUTH COMES OUT – U.N. official reveals real reason behind Global Warming push » The Right Scoop –

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

Public warmer on ‘climate change’ than ‘global warming’ | Cornell Chronicle

The American public responds differently to questions about “climate change” and “” – even while the media often conflate the two – a new study by Cornell and University of Southern California researchers reveals.

Advances in Political Psychology Global Warming Climate | The Daily Caller

A soon to be published study in the journal Advances in Political Psychology found that skeptics of man-made global warming scored slightly better on questions about climate science than people who believe that humans are causing irreversible warming.