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CBO: O-Care slowing growth, will cost 2.3M workers | TheHill

Americans would no longer be trapped in a job just to provide coverage for their families, and would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams,

So … if you lost your insurance and/or job because of Obamacare, you are free to become an entrepreneur. If you do start a business though, remember … you didn’t build that.

Carney: ‘Only Around 22,000’ Obamacare Subscribers Have Appealed Policy Errors | CNS News

Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported that roughly 22,000 Americans have filed appeals with the government in an effort to correct mistakes that were made during the Obamacare enrollment process.

White House hits back at CBO’s Obamacare numbers |

The White House on Tuesday pushed back against a report from the Congressional Budget Office which said that Obamacare was costing the nation jobs and slowing economic growth.

CBO: Obamacare Is Slowing Growth, Contributing to Job Losses | The Gateway Pundit

This follows reports that Obamacare is forcing more Americans into part-time positions. Of 953,000 Jobs Created In 2013, 77%, Or 731,000 Are Part-Time

Guess Who Reportedly Wrote These NFL Players’ Pro-Obamacare Super Bowl Tweets |

The Obama administration reportedly collaborated with a handful of NFL players on Super Bowl Sunday to promote the Affordable Care Act on a social media site.

Schools Ask Congress To Ease Health Care Employer Mandate | News – Indiana Public Media

Ivy Tech Community College President Tom Snyder testified before Congress this week on the effect the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate is having on their employees, explaining the financial burden the college is facing.

If It’s True What These Middle Schoolers Were Asked In Class, It’s Unsettling | Video |

Children were reportedly asked questions including “Do your parents drink?” and “Has anyone in your family been to jail?”

Highway department requests more money for snow removal

Elkhart County is running out of money to keep roads clear of snow.

Granger residents frustrated over snowy roads | Local – Home

You’ve seen it all winter long… roads covered in snow. But some people living in Granger say their roads aren’t getting cleared fast enough.

Lawmakers: Sack NFL’s tax break | TheHill

Beyond Super Bowl Sunday, the National Football League (NFL) will have to protect the pocket — its own pocket — as lawmakers on Capitol Hill look to end the league’s tax-exempt status.

You can’t celebrate America, school says | Fox News

Students and parents at a Colorado high school are outraged after administrators turned down their request for a spirit week day honoring America because it might offend non-Americans.