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Judge dismisses libel suit against Henry Davis Jr. – South Bend Tribune: Crime & Courts

A judge has dismissed a libel lawsuit four police officers levied against South Bend Common Council member Henry Davis Jr., but an attorney for the officers said he plans to appeal the decision.

OUR OPINION: South Bend’s cost for fighting itself: $1.6 million – South Bend Tribune: Opinion/Voices

But even that shocking $1.6 million figure doesn’t represent the true costs of the long-running drama that’s been playing out in this community since the shocking news broke on that day in late March 2012 that the city’s first African-American police chief had resigned.

Cellphone Separation Anxiety: Real, and Making Us Dumber? – Hit & Run :

A new study from the University of Missouri shows that cellphone separation anxiety could cause physical and cognitive effects. “iPhone Separation Anxiety Makes You Dumb,” Time magazine reported. “Pining for your iPhone can numb the brain,” warned CNET.

Papa John’s Delivery Driver Shoots Armed Robber | The Daily Caller

A Papa John’s pizza delivery driver in Georgia is worried she will lose her job after she shot an armed robber in self-defense Sunday night.

Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations Creating Controversy | News – Indiana Public Media

“I can breathe easier, noticed my circulation’s better,” Meier says. “I play a lot of music and my hands don’t cramp up as much as they used to.”

Obama Helping to Ban Historical Reenactments of 1889 Land Rush in Oklahoma Because it’s ‘Racist’ | Wizbang

Once again the far, far leftists that infest our schools are making to destroy the teaching of American history. This time it is in Oklahoma, home to the 1889 “Land Rush” that helped settle the great western region of the country. The un-American leftists that run Oklahoma’s schools now want to excise the teaching of the Land Rush history in schools because it’s “racist.” And the Obama administration is also behind it.

“We feel like it celebrates genocide,” Oklahoma Land Run reenactments a thing of the past for one district |

They found out those Land Run reenactments can be a source of anger and confusion for some students.

Abolishing America (contd.): Obama Regime Bans Oklahoma Land Run Reenactments | VDARE.COM

This Indian activist, Sarah Adams-Cornell, is a member of the Choctaw tribe. But the Choctaw tribal territory, in southeast Oklahoma, was not settled by land runs. (Nor was the territory of the late Dr. David Yeagley’s Comanche tribe—whites settled that territory by lottery in 1901).

Indiana General Assembly, 2015 Sessionstar

Defines “safety indicator” as a device or coloration designed to indicate that a toy firearm or realistic imitation firearm is not a genuine firearm. Makes it a Class C infraction to remove a safety indicator and openly carry a toy firearm or realistic imitation firearm in public. Permits a realistic imitation firearm to be used in a competition under certain conditions. Makes it a Class A misdemeanor to possess a firearm modified to resemble a toy firearm, and increases the penalty to a Level 6 felony if the person possessed the modified firearm while committing a crime.

Rauner Orders Illinois Spending Freeze | The Daily Caller

ew Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner ordered all Illinois agencies Monday to turn off the lights and turn down the thermostats, and to freeze nonessential spending in his first effort to get the state’s finances under control.

The Force is with BuyMeToys.Com – South Bend Tribune: Local

President Obama Decides To Save College Sports | The Daily Caller

The White House meeting is expected to precede the creation of a “Coalition to Save College Sports” that will be spearheaded by the commissioners of the ten conferences at the top level of college football, said USA Today. That coalition could be paired up with a presidential commission to investigate the current state of college athletics.