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Former Transportation Secretary Calls On Congress To Raise Gas Tax | WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio

Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said Congress must realize upgrading the nation’s infrastructure will require raising hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue. He called on lawmakers to raise the federal — last increased in 1993 to $.18 per gallon — at a forum on next generation transportation systems at the Mobility Lab in Arlington.

Ray LaHood defends push for gas tax hike | Interviews | Your World with Cavuto | Fox News

Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is worried about, well, all the bridges that risk falling into the water if they’re not fixed now, because he says our infrastructure is indeed crumbling now. And Mr. LaHood argues there’s only way to repair the damage — hike gas taxes right now.

Indiana Proposes New Gas Tax While Telling You High Gas Prices Hurt Tax Revenue – The Burning Truth

“There has been a decline in fuel tax revenue as a result of increasing gas prices,” Wingfield said. “More fuel efficient vehicles and various economic factors.”

National and State Gas Taxes (Fuel Taxes) in the United States –

61.4 76.2 Father Sentenced for Paying Too Much Child Support

A January 2014 news story about a Houston man named Clifford Hall, who was sentenced to a county jail for 180 days in a issue despite his not owing any , has been widely reported as case of a man who was “sentenced for paying too much ”:

California lawmaker seeks background checks for those who build plastic firearms that can slip through metal detectors | Fox News

The “ghost guns” that can slip through metal detectors and be assembled at home without safeguards are spurring efforts in California and elsewhere to bring these weapons and their owners out of the shadows.



Married couple who smuggled immigrant housekeeper into US receive year probation | Mail Online

A Boston couple with three children have pleaded guilty to the mistreatment of an immigrant they illegally smuggled into the U.S. to work around-the-clock as their housekeeper and nanny, paying her just $2,500 for 13 years of servitude.

College Administrator Who Ran Adult Escort Service Will Not Be Fired (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

A University of Colorado Administrator who ran a phone sex line and escort service will not be fired according to university sources.

is illegal in Colorado.

SB Common Council passes resolution opposing gay marriage ban

The approved a resolution to oppose Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban proposal, at Monday night’s meeting.

South Bend council joins in opposition to amendment – South Bend Tribune: Politics

By a vote of 6-2, the council adopted a resolution urging the General Assembly to reject such an amendment on the grounds it would hurt business and also deny basic protections to same-sex couples.

Marriage Testimony: You Can’t Say Fathers Are Essential if the Law Redefines Marriage to Make Them Optional | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation

Ryan T. Anderson, the William E. Simon Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, testified before the Indiana House Judiciary Committee yesterday on their proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and woman.

(10) Henry Davis Common Council – Messages

We are doing a basketball game at a local Montessori school on Day Road. It is for a young lady who is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Her name is Lindsey Cloutier and she is a resident of Niles. We are playing a game to get folks to become donors so we can save a life. The team we are playing is from Southern Illinois which is a semi pro team so it should be some good competition. As far as other incentives it appears that a local car dealership is going to donate a car but it is not set in stone. Is there anyway we can get on the Show to discuss this or whatever you think is best? Let me know asap because the game is Saturday. Regards, Henry

Blue Cross Blue Shield: If Republicans kill a bailout for insurers under ObamaCare, it’ll lead to single-payer « Hot Air

In attached talking points, seemingly directed at Republican lawmakers opposed to risk corridors and reinsurance, BCBSA is asking members to argue that eliminating the risk corridors will lead to the eventual downfall of and lead to a system: “It jeopardizes the entire private health insurance market and will ultimately lead to a system. Furthermore, it will close the door to pro-competitive health care reform alternatives.”

VIDEO: A Canadian Warns America NOT To Register Our Guns | Wizbang.

VIDEO: A Canadian Warns America NOT To Register Our Guns | Wizbang.