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Boehner Re-Elected House Speaker Despite 25 GOP Defections |

Rep. John (R-Ohio) on Tuesday was re-elected to his third term as , despite a vigorous attempt to unseat him that led 25 Republicans to vote against Boehner — that’s more the twice the number of GOP members who voted against Boehner two years ago, and the most anyone alive has ever seen.

Boehner already retaliating against dissenters? » The Right Scoop –

The 114th Congress is barely underway, but Randy Weber, R-Texas, says he’s already paying a price for making known his intentions to vote against another term in leadership for Speaker John A. Boehner.

Gowdy Reveals Who He Would Have Voted for Had He Been in Washington — and It’s Not Who You Might Expect |

Rep. Trey Gowdy missed his flight to Washington Tuesday morning, but said he would have voted to re-elect John Boehner as speaker, despite an effort underway by some conservative members to oust him.

Hello Again, Speaker of the House John Boehner. | National Review Online

If you’re genuinely surprised Boehner won the support of so many of his colleagues, remember that he raised $102 million in the past cycle to help elect House Republicans. He was there for many of them; undoubtedly many of them felt they should be there for him.

Renee Elmers ATTACKS Boehner challengers, says they are just media whores without substance » The Right Scoop –

Today Boehner lackey Renee Elmers attacked Boehner challengers Rep. Gohmert and Rep. Yoho as media whores with no substance whatsoever:

The Price Tag for These 10 Federal Art Projects May Surprise You

Between 2011 and 2014, the GSA spent $11,055,412 on commissioned for federal buildings.

Nanny State: US Cities Ban Sledding Because Of Lawsuit Threats | The Daily Caller

As winter weather is hitting large swaths of the U.S., some cities are making children’s’ lives a little less fun by limiting or even banning sledding in public parks.

State Budgets Hit Hard By Falling Oil Prices | The Daily Caller

Alaska, North Dakota and Texas face a dramatic drop in revenue heading into 2015 because of plunging , which hit a six-year low Monday.

Republicans for Raising the Gas Tax? – Hit & Run :

With gas prices around the country at lows not seen for years, America’s political class smells an opportunity: It must be time to raise the gas tax.

Stocks Plunge to Three-Month Lows on Fears About Implications of Oil Slump |

After six months of falling oil prices, investors are starting to worry that the prolonged slump is signaling a weaker global economy.

Diesel drivers seeing less relief at the pump

American motorists have a particularly good reason to celebrate the new year, with the average price of regular, unleaded gasoline ending 2014 near $2.30, according to federal data.

A tax per mile? Americans should not allow GPS tracking of cars, trucks | Fox News

Watch out — as the new year approaches the powers-that-be always unleash a new hoard of laws, rules and regulations. Already, we’re seeing another Orwellian idea re-emerge from its musty cave: The notion that drivers should pay an additional tax (they’ll call it a fee) based on how many miles you drive.

Sling TV Will Stream ESPN (and a Few Other Channels) for $20 a Month

This particular service, dubbed and announced at CES today, comes from Dish. At launch, it will include TNT, TBS, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney, ESPN, and ESPN2. In the future, they say, they’ll add other channels in the form off add-on packages for $5 each.

Deputy supervises Okeechobee father spanking daughter | Local News – WPBF Home

Although it may sound bizarre to some parents, the sheriff’s office has received several similar requests in the past. Undersheriff Noel Stephen said he has personally supervised approximately 12 spankings.

Sharyl Attkisson sues administration over computer hacking | Fox News

Former CBS News correspondent has sued the Justice Department over the hacking of her computers, officially accusing the administration of illegal surveillance while she was reporting on administration scandals.

Life is still better in Red States « Hot Air

Red state economies based on energy extraction, agriculture and suburban sprawl may have lower wages, higher poverty rates and lower levels of education on average than those of blue states — but their residents also benefit from much lower costs of living. For a middle-class person , the American dream of a big house with a backyard and a couple of cars is much more achievable in low-tax Arizona than in deep-blue Massachusetts. As Jed Kolko, chief economist of Trulia, recently noted, housing costs almost twice as much in deep-blue markets ($227 per square foot) than in red markets ($119).

The Senate’s 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans – Vox

On Tuesday, 33 US senators elected in November will be sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden — including 12 who are new to the chamber. The class includes 22 Republicans and 11 Democrats, a big reason why the GOP has a 54-46 majority in the Senate overall.