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Feds Successfully Defend Employee Who Stole Potato Chips | CNS News

A major drugstore chain has agreed to pay $180,000 to a longtime employee who was fired six years ago for eating a $1.39 bag of potato chips without paying for it first.

Law Punishes Hoosiers Who Provide Minors A Place To Drink | News – Indiana Public Media

Adults who knowingly provide a place for underage kids to drink will now be breaking the law.

Dad Whose Toddler Died in Hot Car Isn’t At All What Everyone Thought | The Stir

Things are not looking good for the Marietta, Georgia, father who was charged with murder after his 22-month-old son was found dead in his hot car. The father, Justin Ross Harris, had claimed he’d forgotten to drop his son off at daycare, and the boy ended up slowly roasting to death in the oven-like car. Harris was distraught at the scene, and the public was shocked that he was charged with felony murder, which meant that he deliberately killed his son.

Uncomfortable Independence Day Questions » Eric Peters Autos

* Why is it ok to celebrate violent resistance to a government by our wig-wearing ancestors, but “extremist” to say anything negative about government today?

Costco removing D’Souza’s ‘America’ from shelves

The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed.

Boy kicked out of Phipps Plaza restaurant for sleeveless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt

A 4-year-old boy was asked to leave a restaurant at Phipps Plaza because his shirt violated the dress code.

Temporary moratorium exempts Kansas boy’s ‘Little Free Libraries’ from ordinance | Fox News

Spencer Collins can turn the page and reopen his “Little Free Library” in his front yard for now, thanks to a temporary moratorium passed late Monday by council members in a Kansas town.

Ikea Tells Uniformed Police Officer to Leave His Gun in the Car | Truth Revolt

He was approached by an Ikea loss prevention officer and reportedly was told “we have a no firearms policy, and you’re either going to have to leave or you can lock your gun in the car.”

Politico: John Walsh Replaces Piers Morgan As CNN’s Anti-Gun Guy | Truth Revolt

A Politico article on the conference call noted that Walsh seems poised to replace departed talk show host Piers Morgan “as the cable network’s in-house gun control advocate.”

John Walsh on ‘What I Know Now’, ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Host Life Lessons – AARP

I am for the right to have guns. I’m a gun owner. But nobody needs to own an AK-47. They say these assault rifles are great for hunting. You can’t hunt game with an AK-47. And if you’re a responsible gun owner, why wouldn’t you go through a background check? The only people who don’t want background checks are fugitives, tax dodgers and terrorists.

Indiana debates free tuition for community college | Daily World |

“Think how we’d change the state,” said Jeff Terp, Ivy Tech Community College chief operating officer. “We’d have one of the most educated workforces in the country.”