Show Prep: Tues, June 10

South Bend police officer accuses chief, mayor of misconduct

Theo Robert spoke out during Monday’s meeting, accusing Police Chief Ron Teachman and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of misconduct.

South Bend smoking ban reignites at Monday’s meeting

The debate over a proposed reignited at Monday’s meeting.

Senate panel to mull repeal of ticket scalping ban

Michigan’s ban against tickets is up for debate.

Mourdock compares US economic woes to Nazi Germany |

“And this is where I put on my state treasurer’s hat again for just a moment to give the most important lesson: The people of Germany in a free election selected the Party because they made great promises, that appealed to them because they were desperate and destitute,” Mourdock said.

Political Philosophy 101 – Two Cows

The Example of Political Philosophy begins with .*

Farmers Make ‘That’s Enough’ Parody of ‘Frozen’ Song in Response to New EPA Regulation

Make ‘That’s Enough’ of ‘Frozen’ Song in Response to New EPA Regulation

County Sheriff’s Chilling Justification for Bringing Former Military Vehicles to Local Police Forces | Video |

“The United States of America has become a war zone,” Gayer said

Student loan repayment changes will make almost 200,000 Michiganders eligible to ‘pay as you earn’ |

Administrative changes to repayment made yesterday by President Barack Obama will benefit almost 200,000 Michiganders, according to a report released Tuesday morning by the White House.

Obama’s Solution to Save People From Student Debt Would Save Borrowers… Just $1 a Day |

On Saturday, Obama called on Congress to pass a Democratic bill allowing people to refinance their student loan debt. On Monday, he’s expected to reiterate that support, and announce the expansion of a program to help people minimize their monthly student loan payments.

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