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I told you so!

(14) Casey Hendrickson

South Bend council tables smoking ban

The debate over a controversial in will continue — in a couple of months.

Politically correct Latinos on campus wage war on TACOS | The Daily Caller

This month, a tiny minority of Latino students has effectively banned everybody else on college campuses from having a good time celebrating Cinco de Mayo, a once-obscure Mexican holiday that was popularized by the makers of Corona beer.

Scientists To Turn Cow Farts Into Green Energy | The Daily Caller

For years scientists have been pondered ways to capture methane emissions created by cow flatulence. Now, they may finally have an answer: fart-capturing backpacks for cows.

Michigan Dems blast GOP minimum wage bill: ‘We know this sort of trickery is nothing new’ |

That’s how Michigan Democrats are describing a bill introduced last week by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) that would increase Michigan’s by a modest sum but undermine a petition drive seeking to raise the rate much further.

IWF – Subway and the Minimum Wage

and the Gap have come in for praise for calling for the government to raise the minimum wage. Such socially conscious companies, you say.  Amy Otto points out on The Federalist that this may not be quite as idealistic as it sounds:

Um…I’m just going to leave this right here » The Right Scoop –

Note what Joe Garcia from Florida did this morning as he sat to the right of the lady speaking:

West Goshen will promote serious, focused atmosphere with new dress code – Elkhart Truth

Getting school clothes will look a little different for West Goshen families this fall.