Show Prep: Tues, Nov. 11

An astounding nine in ten Britons say they find someone who plays guitar instantly sexy.

Canadian woman is first foreign female fighter to join Kurds to battle ISIS in Syria | Daily Mail Online

A has become the first foreign female to join the Kurds battling the Islamic State in Syria, a report has revealed.

Veterans Day taps ceremony canceled for 2014, organizer says – Elkhart Truth

The Echo Taps ceremony, an event where multiple musicians take turns playing taps in downtown Elkhart, has been canceled due to a lack of planning, according to Brian Thomas, a committee member of the Echo Taps from the Heart group.

Anti-American Progressives Cancel Veterans Day Ceremony at School for First Time in 80 Years

The poisonous progressive agenda has oozed into a school district in Wisconsin which has caused the cancellation of a traditional Veterans Day ceremony that has been held since the 1930′s.

Foodie Elite Push Obama to Create National Food Policy – Hit & Run :

A national food policy would do that, by investing resources to guarantee that: All Americans have access to healthful food; Farm policies are designed to support our public health and environmental objectives; Our food supply is free of toxic bacteria, chemicals and drugs; Production and marketing of our food are done transparently; The food industry pays a fair wage to those it employs; Food marketing sets children up for healthful lives by instilling in them a habit of eating real food; Animals are treated with compassion and attention to their well-being; The food system’s carbon footprint is reduced, and the amount of carbon sequestered on farmland is increased; The food system is sufficiently resilient to withstand the effects of climate change. Only those with a vested interest in the status quo would argue against creating public policies with these goals.

Robin Williams’ suicide ‘was triggered by hallucinations from devastating form of dementia’ | Daily Mail Online

’ suicide could have been triggered by a common but devastating form of dementia that may have disrupted his normal brain function.

Florida Dillards pulls offensive Christmas sign from girl’s section | Daily Mail Online

Dillards is pulling an offensive from its floors after the holiday decoration drew outrage on social media.

Hidden cameras found at IL Planet Fitness tanning rooms – 14NEWS, the Tri-State’s News & Weather Leader

A man is alleged to have targeted tanners by installing hidden cameras installed in two tanning rooms at an gym.

San Francisco taxpayers footing $33m bill to protect 800 Bay Bridge birds | Daily Mail Online

Taxpayers are being charged $33 million to save 800 birds who are living on an old section of the -Oakland Bay Bridge which is no longer in use.

Texas teacher to be fired over racist tweet about Ferguson police shooting | Daily Mail Online

A high school English will be fired for posting a tweet ridden with profanities and racist slurs about the police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri – telling her white detractors to kill themselves.

Chick-fil-A manager bans slang in the workplace | Daily Mail Online

Now, a manager has compiled a list of slang terms his staff are not allowed to use.

Penn Deletes Damning Video Of Obamacare Architect | The Daily Caller

But for unexplained reasons, the University of Pennsylvania has pulled its video of the event, which took place in October of 2013. ”This video has been removed by the user,” a message now reads. “Sorry about that.” The video is still embedded on the conference page, but playing the video gives a similar error message.

Veterans Day Facts – Holidays –

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and Nov. 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938.

Salon Spits in Face of Military on Eve of Veterans Day | Truth Revolt

David Masciorta penned an offensive column Sunday titled, “You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy” with the sub-head “It’s been 70 years since we fought a war about freedom. Forced troop worship and compulsory patriotism must end.” The reaction on social media was swift and merciless. The Salon Twitter account used a shortened version of the column’s sub-headline to promote clicks to its site: