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Achtung! Germany named world’s favorite country

Yes, from being the world’s pariah in the decades following Nazism and World War II, is now the world’s favorite country, according to the Anholt-Gfk Nations Brand Index, which measures the image of 50 leading nations.

Dry & Cold Into The Weekend, But Is It Record Breaking? – Weather Wisdom –

Over the past 7 days if we look at the entire country there have been a lot of cold records being set. The chart below shows for example, 1360 daily low maximum records. This means those places had cold high temperatures which were records. Simply put, those cities and towns saw their coldest daily highs ever recorded. These records are for a particular date, not all-time.

County commissioners to consider extending amnesty burn week

Terrible timing may cause St.Joseph County Commissioners to extend this week’s lift on the burn ban.

Ark. teacher under fire for bringing infant to class, breastfeeding while students study | Local –

A controversy is brewing in Poyen, Arkansas, after a high school started bringing her baby to class and breastfeeds the baby in the back of the classroom.

Teacher breastfeeding in class draws criticism from students, parents –

One of the students in Poyen snapped a picture of the teacher and posted the image to Facebook, prompting a lively online discussion about the appropriateness of bringing the child to class and breast feeding in public.

No Justice, No Peace! – Take 2… #Ferguson Protest Leader Has House Looted | The Gateway Pundit

Yesterday while protesting her home got burglarized.

No Justice, No Peace! #Ferguson Protest Leader Has Car Stolen During “F*ck the Police” Rally | The Gateway Pundit

While yelling “F*ck the Police!” apparently her car got stolen. Do you think she’ll file a police report requesting they help her now?

Excuses Abound As Sea Shepard Negligently Dumps Up To Half A Tonne Of Diesel Fuel Into Trinity Inlet

What really strikes me is that the environmental organization comes in with its lawyers and fights tooth and nail in claiming that they really acted responsibly and that the accident was not entirely their fault. The excuses they presented are truly sad and pathetic and show an amazing ignorance when it comes to industrial safety regulation and management.

Court Orders Parents To Pay For Estranged Daughter’s College [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

Angela Ricci, the grandmother, asked, “How would you have a relationship with your parents if they don’t want to contribute to college?” The grandparents paid for Caitlyn’s attorney in the case.

Charlize Theron Disciplines Child, Hiker Calls Cops | The Daily Caller

and boyfriend Sean Penn were hiking with her 2-year-old son Jackson Thursday when a nearby hiker heard the child screaming during a temper tantrum, began filming the incident and called the cops because she thought the parents were mistreating the child, and “something bad was going to happen.”

Indiana alcohol delivery app draws praise, criticism –

Indiana retailers are criticizing a competitor’s decision to use a new delivery app because they say it could make it easier for minors to obtain .

Security app flies drones to your location in emergency

LifeLine Response created a smartphone app designed to summon an aerial and police to the scene of an attack.

City to vote on climate change labels at gas pumps – New York News

The San Francisco Bay Area city of Berkeley will decide whether to slap stickers on gas pumps warning that burning fuel contributes to global warming in a plan that’s a first of its kind in the country.

WATCH: Obama Then vs Obama Now – a Montage of On-Camera Contradictions | MRCTV.

WATCH: Then vs Now – a Montage of On-Camera Contradictions | MRCTV.