Show Prep: Tues, Oct. 1

‘Greatest generation’ veterans sweep past barricades at memorial in their honor | Fox News

What was meant to be a final gathering of heroes Tuesday instead became a final victory for dozens of World War II combat vets who refused to let the government’s budget battle block a visit to their memorial in the nation’s capital.

Georgia school district considers assault rifles | Fox News

Gainesville police approached the schools about the idea in April after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut.

Violent, murderous kid aims gun at… oh wait, it was just his hand | The Daily Caller

The gesture amounted to a threat of violence, according to the school.

Connecticut: Law requiring “Ammunition Certificate” to purchase ammunition and magazines takes effect October 1 | The Daily Caller

This new misguided law requires individuals over the age of 18 to obtain an “ammunition certificate” to purchase ammunition and magazines. The fee (tax) for this certificate is $35.

World Doomed: College Students R More Smartest Than You, Don’t Know Current Events, But Totally Get Twerking « The Burning Truth

This is exhibit A in the argument that not everyone should go to college.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If They Support Obamacare Or The Affordable Care Act « The Burning Truth

Kimmel trolled the streets of Los Angeles on Monday to ask people to choose which health plan they preferred: Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. These are, of course, the exact same thing. But that didn’t stop people in L.A. from pontificating on the various pros and cons of “two” policies that are the SAME THING.

Man Barks at Police Dog…and Guess How Much Prison Time He’s Facing Because of It |

James Paul Andrews, 26, of Cranberry Township, Pa., was allegedly “barking, hissing and growling” at Chaos after he was stopped at a drunk-driving checkpoint around 2:40 a.m. Sept. 15, the dog’s handler, Evan City police Sgt. Don Myers, said.

You Won’t Believe Why This College Linebacker Got Arrested (Again)…or His Hilarious Excuse for Misbehaving | Video |

Morrison was arrested for barking at a police dog.

John McAfee unveils plans for device to thwart NSA | The Daily Caller

Over the weekend eccentric antivirus pioneer John McAfee unveiled his plans to thwart the National Security Agency’s Internet surveillance.

NSA Monitoring Your Social Network Connections

For almost three years the National Security Agency has been tapping the data it collects to map out some Americans’ social connections, allowing the government to identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information, The New York Times reported.

Feinstein’s NSA ‘reform’ bill would expand snooping powers — RT USA

A bipartisan group of US senators is trying to ban the NSA’s blanket surveillance program in a radical bill proposed to the Senate Intelligence Committee. But a milder bill from chairwoman Diane Feinstein would sanction more snooping on US citizens.

NSA agents illegally spied on love interests ‘only’ 12 times — RT USA

Employees at the National Security Agency intentionally misused their power and spied on boyfriends or girlfriends at least 12 times over the last year, a direct violation according to a newly unveiled letter from the agency’s inspector general.

Senator Clashes With NSA Chief During Testy Exchange Over Questions on Cellphone Location Tracking |

The nation’s top intelligence official has sidestepped questions from a senator about whether the National Security Agency has tracked the whereabouts of millions of Americans using their cellphone signals.

‘Evolution of the Family’: Barilla Pasta Exec Posts Video Apology Amid Gay Activists’ Calls for Boycott |

“I would never do [a commercial] with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them,” he told Radio 24, according to Reuters. “Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role.”

Anti-Bullying Crusader Who Called Group of Christian Teens ‘Pansy A**ed’ Last Year Gets Award From Big Atheist Org |

In addition to his anti-bullying work, columnist and commentator Dan Savage is known for issuing some controversial rhetoric. From claims that he has been a hypocrite in his treatment of young people to his views on monogamy, Savage frequently catches the ire of critics.

The United States Of Sadness: What Your State Is Worst At | Geekologie

Larger version HERE although I don’t know why you’d need a bigger version unless your state is number one in shitty vision.