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Elkhart to consider using $349,000 to buy new body cameras for police – Elkhart Truth

Mayor Dick Moore proposes spending $349,000 on 80 body cameras for the Department, part of $3.75 million in proposed capital spending for 2015.

Gay Wedding Cake (and Lack Thereof) May Cost Oregon Bakers $150,000 – Hit & Run :

The latest on the wedding cake beat: The state of Oregon has formally ruled that a bakery in Gresham discriminated against a gay couple who wanted to purchase a wedding cake. The state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries could fine the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which has since closed its doors and become a home bakery in response to the controversy, up to $150,000.

How to: McDonald’s to accept new form of payment

In an ad during the Super Bowl, McDonald’s revealed a new initiative just before Valentine’s Day which will afford some lucky customers a new way to pay.

Man Allegedly Pins Down Ex-Girlfriend, Punches Her in the Head, Gets Shot in the Chest | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

On January 25, a Maplewood, Minnesota, man allegedly pinned down his ex-girlfriend, punched her in the face, and then got shot when she pressed a gun to his chest and pulled the trigger.

Man Shoots Up Crowded Restaurant, Armed Patron Shoots Back | The Daily Caller

An argument that escalated into gunfire could have turned deadly for the 20 people who were eating at a Vietnamese restaurant in Houston Sunday night if not for the actions of an armed patron.

Neighbors Furious After Man Builds His Own Gun Range in Backyard. The Police? They Say He Isn’t Breaking the Law. |

One man’s plan to shoot a 9 mm gun in his own backyard began is now backfiring as neighbors claimed it’s not safe given how many children live nearby. But police say they can’t do anything to stop it because the man is merely exercising his Second Amendment right.

FLASHBACK: Both Obama & Hillary Questioned Vaccinations | Truth Revolt

During a campaign rally in 2008, U.S. senator and presidential candidate said that the science on vaccinations was “inconclusive,” though he included himself among those “suspicious” of connections between and autism:

Ben Carson Weighs In On Vaccinations : The Burning Truth

Dr. Ben Carson, a possible 2016 presidential candidate and one of the nation’s most prominent pediatric neurosurgeons, took a different approach to vaccines than his two possible rivals, Chris Christie and Rand Paul.

Obama’s 10 new taxes – Kelsey Snell and Kim Dixon and Brian Faler – POLITICO

1. BUFFETT TAX: Reprising billionaire Warren Buffett’s gripe that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary — because ordinary income is taxed at higher rates than capital gains — the White House wants millionaires to pay a minimum tax rate of 30 percent. The contrast between on wages and investment was highlighted during the 2012 campaign, when Mitt Romney’s relatively low tax rate became an albatross for the Republican candidate. Would raise $35 billion.