Oops: OkCupid CEO once donated to a congressman who opposed gay marriage; Update: CEO regrets donation « Hot Air

And not just gay marriage. The congressman, Chris Cannon, also opposed adoptions by gay couples and laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring gays. Sam Yagan’s donation, in other words, was more of a multi-spectrum anti-gay contribution than Brendan Eich’s $1,000 gift to support Prop 8 and yet he took it upon himself to be the tip of the spear in the “Eich must go” movement. Says Rick Moran of Yagan’s past, “The gay mafia is never around when you need them.”

Multiple people stabbed at western Pennsylvania high school – CBS News

A stabbing spree at a high school in the suburbs east of Pittsburgh left 20 people injured, four of them seriously, early Wednesday morning.

‘Tax Freedom Day’ falls three days later this year | The Daily Caller

By April 21, to group says, Americans will have made enough to pay the $3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state taxes — more than they will spend on food clothing and housing combined.

$6 Billion Disappears from State Department Records

According to a recent report by the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), $ worth of contracting money paid out by the department over the past six years cannot be accounted for.

The Surprisingly Simple Way That Congress Could Save Billions

As this morning’s USA Today headline put it, “Government often has 10 agencies doing one job.”

More restaurants adopting no-tipping policy – CBS News

Are we headed for the end of restaurant tipping? Yet another eatery is opening up to great fanfare, mostly because it has decided to do away with tips.

Breaking: Ways and Means Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner for Criminal Charges | The Gateway Pundit

In May 2012, , the director of the division that singled out hundreds of conservative groups, told a House Committee, “I am very proud of the work I have done in government.”

IRS Offices Chock-Full of Obama Stickers and Screensavers | The Gateway Pundit

So is it really a surprise that Obama stickers and campaign cheerleading is commonplace in the IRS?

Wearing socks with sandals is suddenly fashionable – latimes.com

The combination of sandals and has long been seen as a major footwear faux pas.

GOP Benghazi Probe Leader Has Huge Conflict of Interest | Right Wing News

His wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers was the president and the of the company that was contracted by the State Department to provide that security.

Kirsten Dunst’s gender roles comments spark controversy: ‘You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman’ – NY Daily News

isn’t exactly waving the feminist flag — and apparently that makes some people angry.