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UPDATE: Richmond, Young take stand in day two of South Bend wiretap trial | Local – Home

A compelling testimony in day two of a federal wiretap involving the Police Department.

Bench trial begins on SBPD recorded phone calls

It’s been two years in the making, but the legal battle over recorded telephone calls at the South Bend Police Department has gone to trial.

The 11 Most Conservative Cities In America | The Daily Caller

The Economist recently came out with a chart that lists the most conservative and liberal cities in America. Here are the top 11 most based on that chart.

Woman fired from Black Educators Association because she was ‘not really black enough’ – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.

A biracial woman has won her case against her former employer – the Black Educators Association – after human rights officials deemed she had been bullied by co-workers for being “not really black enough” to do her job.

‘MSNBC Is Where News Goes to Die’: Media Watchdog Parodies ‘Lean Forward’ Slogan With ‘Lean Over’ Campaign | Video |

The Media Research Center released a video compilation featuring a blunder-reel of and a #LeanOver Twitter hashtag, in addition to a website which proclaims “MSNBC is where news goes to die.

OUT: “The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been”; IN: “The World Is Exploding All Over” | The Daily Caller

Sorry to indulge in nostalgia. But as the world descends into chaos, it’s comforting to remember those bygone days of two whole months ago.

Jimmy Carter Calls For Carbon Tax | The Daily Caller

Former President is back, this time proposing a carbon tax to fight and calling out skeptics.

Earth has been getting hotter for the past 10,000 YEARS, contradicting studies that humans started global warming | Mail Online

Now a new study hopes to settle the issue by arguing that data points to the fact that Earth’s climate has been warming over the past 10,000 years – long before human activity is thought to have changed the climate.

State Of The Climate Report | Real Science

Global temperatures have been flat for 18 years

Local racing community reacts to Stewart incident – Delaware Newszap

Racing is fast, but tragedy proved it can be even quicker.

Someone Is Burning American Flags In Texas [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

A Texas town has a serial flag burner, or burners, on its hands.

Man Charged With Assault for Yelling at Police Dog – Hit & Run :

As if more evidence cops consider themselves, and are considered (by some civilians and the political class) as above the law that applies to people like you and me. Rarely are cops who kill dogs (or unfortunately people, for that matter) charged with any crime.

This Dad Was Baffled After Being Told His Fourth-Grader ‘Brought a Weapon to School’ — Then They Told Him What It Was |

It was your typical assignment for elementary school kids starting the year out and getting to know each other: Bring in some of your favorite toys and do some sharing about them.


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