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Some community leaders deem “Breathe Easy” t-shirts ‘divisive’

“Breathe Easy; Don’t Break the Law” is a new t-shirt design featured at South Bend Uniform Company. Since Monday, the store has sold between 2,000 and 3,000 “Breathe Easy” shirts across the country and overseas to soldiers in Kuwait.

’7th Heaven’ Actor Breaks Silence on Horrific Confession Captured in Secretly Recorded Audio | Video |

Two months after allegations surfaced that actor , who played the pastor father on the family drama “,” allegedly confessed to exposing himself to young girls and having at least one instance of sexual contact with a minor, the star has broken his silence.

‘Green’ Christmas Carols Replace Christ with Climate Change

What the New Yorker is calling “Climate Change Carols” are a series of Christmas songs whose lyrics have been rewritten to focus on environmental issues, gutting the carols of any relationship to the season of Christ’s birth. Not only that, but the hope and joy characteristic of Christmas has also given way to gloom and doom.

Obama rewarding criminal regimes for taking Americans hostage is nothing to celebrate « Hot Air

Prisoner exchanges between hostile parties are as old as civilization, and there is nothing especially unique about swapping one hostage for another or something of commensurate value. Either both negotiating parties then walk away from the table and hostilities resume or they enter into further negotiations to permanently bury enmities that often involve mutual concessions.

Obama Normalizes Relations to Communist Cuba | The Gateway Pundit

President Barack Obama says the U.S. will end its outdated approach to that has failed to advance U.S. interests.

Marco Rubio on Obama’s Cuba Deal: “Worst Negotiator in Modern US History” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Rubio told FOX News Obama had traded away concessions for “symbolic gestures.” Rubio added that, “Barack Obama is the worst negotiator that we’ve ever had… and maybe in the modern history of the country.”

$524,403 Gov’t Study Examines Link Between Diabetes and Lesbian, Bisexual Women | CNS News

The National Institutes of Health through its National Institute of and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has awarded $524,403 in taxpayer dollars to San Diego University to study and sexual orientation in women.

US Army officer who deserted to join the French Foreign Legion is jailed | Daily Mail Online

A US Army Lieutenant who deserted to join the French has been jailed for four years following a court martial.

This Company Wants You to ‘Carry’ a Stranger’s Package While Getting Paid to Travel

The founders of a new startup called Carry think the strangers-trusting-strangers model can be applied to . With their new platform, anyone looking to ship a package can upload a description of their item and a person with free time on their hands can act as a makeshift messenger.

TGI Friday’s mistletoe drone smashes diner in face and slices end of her nose | Daily Mail Online

It was supposed to provide the perfect festive romantic moment: a mistletoe that would get diners at ’s to kiss on camera.

Kid Suspended for Bringing an Empty Shell Casing to School – Hit & Run :

An empty rifle shell. And yet, a student at Chanute Elementary School in Chanute, Kansas, was just for five days for bringing one to school. His mom told The Chanute Tribune that Principal Gary Wheeler said her son got off easy. He could have given the boy 168 days to cool his heels.