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Walmart Sells Out of Occupy Wall Street Poster

Mediate reported yesterday that Walmart is selling an in their online store. The was available via the Walmart Marketplace where individuals can sell their products, once they get approval from the company.

Capitalism wins again

Walmart selling a $40 designer Occupy Wall Street poster? And it sells out? How that warms the cockles of my capitalist heart! I’m so filled with warmth that I’ve got half a mind to return all the Christmas presents I stole from Whoville.

OUR OPINION: Police tapes deal leaves taxpayers in the dark – South Bend Tribune: Our Opinion

South Bend’s taxpayers are now into the scandal for more than $700,000 and still don’t know if anyone did anything wrong.

See the Nasty Letter Sent by Neighbors to a Family Bashing Their Christmas Decorations | Video |

“Not everybody in the neighborhood is Christian and many people do not wish to see such a flagrant display of your beliefs,” the letter said.

Military Group Demands Pentagon Remove ‘Egregiously Unconstitutional’ Nativities at Guantanamo Bay |

There’s a nativity debate unfolding at Guantanamo Bay after U.S. servicemen reportedly complained about two creches in dining spaces.

Student hugs teacher gets suspended for YEAR for harassment | The Daily Caller

A high school senior in the suburbs of Atlanta has been suspended for an entire year for hugging a teacher

Insurance Won’t Cover Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment For Indiana Woman « The Burning Truth

has advanced breast cancer, and traditional treatments haven’t worked. Her prognosis hasn’t been good, but Y90 offers some hope.

Reminder: A New Light Bulb Ban Kicks in on January 1 | Video |

For those who are fans of the traditional, yellowish glow of an incandescent , the time has come stock up.

The man who saved the lightbulb | Fox News

A modern day Edison has a bright idea: a way to keep the incandescent bulb burning brightly, despite a government law set to go into effect New Year’s Day that effectively outlaws the most commonly used lightbulbs.

Why women are happier if they have the last word | Mail Online

Feeling fed up because your wife always has the in an argument? Here’s something that might help you reverse the trend.