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#Ferguson Mob Targets ‘Time OUT Bar & Grill’ in St. Louis After Public Boycott of Rams | The Gateway Pundit

The bar now supports the Kansas City Chiefs.

MELTDOWN! #Ferguson Commission ERUPTS After Black Teen Says Darren Wilson “Did His Job” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The crowd erupted after a black male said Darren Wilson “pretty much did his job.”

BREAKING: Mehlville Mayhem – #MikeBrown Protesters Walk Out of School – Locked Out, Fights? | The Gateway Pundit

Mehlville High School students in south St. Louis County held a walk-out protest today for robber .

Six People Shot at South St. Louis Police Bar (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Six people were shot at a South St. Louis police bar on Tuesday night during a robbery.

BREAKING: No Indictment of Police Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Death | Truth Revolt

Under New York law, an indictment must be agreed upon by at least 12 members of a grand jury, which can have up to 23 members.

About 100 brains missing from University of Texas – Yahoo News UK

The University of Texas at Austin is missing about 100 brains — about half of the specimens the university had in a collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde.

Brazil’s ‘Miss BumBum’ runner-up in hospital after buttock operation – Telegraph

Far Cry 4 is woefully unengaged from its boundless violence · Game Review · The A.V. Club

One of the campaign’s early missions invites players to burn an opium field to the ground. You don’t exactly need to be a student of history to appreciate that an American setting South Asian fields alight with a flamethrower might arouse some rather disturbing connotations. And yet the game remains thoroughly, even ludicrously oblivious.

See the World Rankings of Dirty Governments — and the 16 Countries Supposedly Less Corrupt Than the U.S. |

The U.S. is getting better, China is getting worse and Scandinavia reigns supreme.

Two Children, Adult Killed After Two Buses Crash in Tennessee |

Two buses bringing children home from school collided on a Tennessee highway Tuesday afternoon, killing two students and an adult and injuring another 27 people.

ABC Reporter Grills White House Press Secretary Over Qualifications Soap Opera Producer, Obama Fundraiser Has to Be a U.S. Ambassador | Video |

The Senate voted 52-42 to confirm Colleen Bell, a former producer of the soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Rise’n Roll Bakery & Deli to open in Mishawaka! | Local –

Goodwill to open high school for adults who want to earn their diploma | Local –

People, ages 19 and older, can start applying this spring. A class of about 300 students will start in July. has capped the school at 350 students. The students will earn an Indiana Core 40 High School Diploma — the same diploma teens are earning at high schools across the state. Because for many, that piece of paper, or the lack thereof, is the only thing standing between them and a career.

Seventh-Grader Accused of Snorting Candy Will Reportedly Have Drug Possession as Part of His Permanent School Record |

A New Mexico middle school student accused of inhaling ground-up Smarties candies at school last month says he has learned that his school record will now permanently reflect the charge of drug possession.

City leaders: Lack of diversity plaguing South Bend Police Department | Local –

“We still have challenges with people being willing to provide information that could be helpful in solving or preventing crime,” Buttigieg says. “There have been stories of shooting victims refusing to share what had happened to them because of mistrust.”

Dumb joke, Doc: Bomb prank at Miami airport will cost surgeon almost $90,000 | Fox News Latino

Dr. Manuel Alvarado has agreed to pay $89,172.53 after making a that sparked a massive police response and shut down part of the airport nearly two months ago, the Miami Herald reported.

John Boehner and Harry Reid Agree to Bipartisan Funding of Obama’s Amnesty Plan | RedState

News reports indicate that the House GOP plans to surrender to the President and avoid taking a stand against his unconstitutional executive amnesty. Even leftwing media outlets agree that the plan is a unilateral surrender. According to Politico, they will vote on a “symbolic” bill opposing the President’s executive action that the “Senate will likely ignore”, then pass a massive omnibus spending bill that stays silent on amnesty.