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Indiana police chief accidentally shoots himself for the second time : The Burning Truth

An Indiana ’s day ended with a bang when he accidentally shot himself in the leg on Saturday – the second time in his career that he’s turned his own gun on his body.

Will the robot ‘jobocalypse’ make YOU obsolete? 2014 could be the year a droid takes your job, say experts | Mail Online

‘They will have the impact to take away 70% of all traditional jobs in the next 30 years,’ he said.

Kentucky bill would let service monkeys help paralyzed people | Fox News

A northern lawmaker has introduced the bill at the request of a family that looked into bringing in a service to assist their daughter, who was paralyzed in an automobile accident. The family found out prohibits the use of service monkeys.

Bring on the box? Michigan bill would ask political candidates to disclose felonies on affidavit |

A political with a felony conviction in the past 10 years would be required to disclose that fact when running for office under a new bill up for debate in Lansing.

Small cars get crushed in crash tests – Jan. 22, 2014

Of 11 subcompact and minicars subjected to the Institute’s small overlap only one, General Motors’ (GM, Fortune 500) Chevrolet Spark, did reasonably well.

Congress members exploiting legal loophole for luxury travel on lobbyists’ dime – report — RT USA

Despite a number of laws forbidding them from accepting gifts from , congressional leaders regularly exploit legal loopholes to jet-set throughout the country on ’ expense, according to a new report.

How flu remedies help you (but leave workmates feeling worse): Drugs can actually help bugs spread more easily | Mail Online

Cold and flu remedies may make you feel better but your friends and colleagues won’t thank you for taking them.

Women gain SEVEN pounds in first year of new relationship… while men LOSE four | Mail Online

Comfort eating might be a favourite excuse for those who have gained a few pounds but it seems that the real culprit could be your new boyfriend.

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