Show Prep: Wed, Jan. 28

Pence: ‘Just IN’ is a resource, not a news service | WISH-TV

Gov. Mike Pence sparked controversy Tuesday with the announcement of the launch of a new website.

Obama Gives Up on Trying to Kill College Savings Plans – Hit & Run :

President Obama’s disastrous foray into trying to destroy “529” college savings plans unravelled Tuesday. A bipartisan consensus—including Speaker of the House John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pellosi—persuaded the president to drop the matter, according to The New York Times:

GoDaddy pulls Super Bowl puppy ad after outrage from animal rescue groups | Fox News

Mess with puppies at your own peril during Super Bowl week, learned Tuesday. The company wound up vowing not to air its ad during the big game this Sunday after unveiling it this morning, to widespread disgust.

Michelle Obama navigates limits on women in Saudi Arabia – Yahoo News

For first lady Michelle Obama, just a few hours in Saudi Arabia were enough to illustrate the stark limitations under which Saudi women live.

These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In Indiana – Movoto

Today, we’re focusing on that last question: crime, and more specifically, crime in Indiana. Here are Indiana’s 10 most dangerous places:

Michelle Obama Not Blurred Out on Saudi TV – Washington Wire – WSJ

Video clips circulated online Tuesday that purported to show that Saudi state television blurred out First Lady Michelle Obama at a meeting between President Barack Obama and the new Saudi king.

New bill proposes a ban on body armor | Ben Swann Truth In Media

A new bill has been introduced to the House which could make civilian ownership of body armor illegal.

South Bend Police Chief part of national “Law Enforcement Immigr – Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

“When immigrants feel safe in their communities, we are all safer,” said Teachman, “Criminals can use the fear of deportation to coerce immigrants into silence, making our communities less safe for everybody. Immigrants should feel comfortable reporting crimes, serving as witnesses and calling for help in emergencies.”

Press Release about South Bend Police Chief Ron… – Casey Hendrickson

Press Release about South Bend Police Chief Ron Teachman:

(1) I like what Marshawn Lynch did. People… – Casey Hendrickson

I like what Marshawn Lynch did. People complaining about it are the same people who ask every player the exact same question over and over again. Lynch has helped those same critics get more hits on their websites than they’d ever get from him actually answering the same question those tools just asked 4 other players.

SB Common Council tables Columbus Day discussion

The South Bend Common Council has indefinitely postponed the discussion of a resolution to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

South Bend councilman says city should ax Columbus Day – Washington Times

Common Council member Henry Davis Jr. has introduced a resolution declaring the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples Day, or Native Americans Day, instead of Columbus Day. Similar changes were made last year in Seattle and Minneapolis.