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Mayor Buttigieg wants residential roads cleared of snow | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

If you haven’t done so already, it’s probably time to move your car. The city of South Bend’s snow emergency parking regulations go into effect at 6 am Wednesday morning.

Jeep club members take docs, nurses to work during snow storm | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

With the heavy snowfall, some doctors, nurses were unable to make it to work. In Elkhart, a volunteer Jeep group came to the rescue to make sure they made it to work safely.

Nanny Government and vending machines courtesy of ObamaCare | Wizbang

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has lots of little hidden provisions that are slowly emerging to try to force you to be healthy. One is a requirement that vending machines list calorie counts for all of their Cheez-Its, ‘Nilla Wafers, alleged “trail mix” and other nutritional detritus that you might otherwise have mistaken as good for you. The new law will affect about 5 million machines around the country, causing a major headache for the 11,000 vending machine companies that will have to comply. One vending machine company owner called it “outrageous,” telling Atlanta’s KNTV: “How many people have not read a label on a candy bar? If you’re concerned about it, you’ve already read it for years.” The Food and Drug Administration estimates that the new law will cost the vending machine industry $25.8 million up front and $24 million annually subsequently, according to NBC. Only companies that operate 20 or more machines will have to post calorie counts. They have one year to comply.

Gates Blisters Obama: Tales Of Buffoonery From ‘Most Centralized And Controlling…Of Any I Had Seen Since Nixon’ | The Gateway Pundit

1. Contempt for Congress Mr. Gates expresses open disdain for Congress and the way lawmakers treated him when he testified at hearings. “I saw most of Congress as uncivil, incompetent at fulfilling their basic constitutional responsibilities (such as timely appropriations), micromanagerial, parochial, hypocritical, egotistical, thin-skinned and prone to put self (and re-election) before country.” Mr. Gates said he fantasized about storming out of hearings and quitting. “There is no son of a bitch in the world who can talk to me like that,” he writes of his fantasy.

White House disputes Gates memoir claims « Hot Air

Just the first volley and return in what is sure to be a pretty consuming tussle for the next week. Allah brought you Gates’ part— the very serious claim that President Obama sent American troops to war for political reasons despite having no faith in the plan or will to complete it. Now, the White House:

Sen. Flake on Gates’ book: ‘Extraordinarily bad timing, and form’ | The Daily Caller

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake slammed former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ upcoming book as “extraordinarily bad timing, and form” on Twitter Tuesday night.

The Least Stressful Jobs of 2014 |

No career is totally free from stress. We all face work-related responsibilities in our jobs and with those responsibilities come challenges. Yet some careers are simply less stressful than others, especially when you love your job.

The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014 |

Jobs that require you to face unpredictable conditions, immediate dangers and high-stakes situations rank among the most stressful of 2014. These are careers that require a unique kind of mettle, but only if you’re bold enough to pursue them.

Teacher seizes candy canes, says ‘Jesus is not allowed’ | The Daily Caller

A first-grade teacher at a public elementary school in Southern California allegedly snatched a bunch of candy canes bearing a brief religious message from a first-grade boy. She told the poor kid “Jesus is not allowed in school” and then — right in front of his little six-year-old eyes — ripped the religious messages from each candy cane and dumped them in a trashcan.

History of Candy Canes

The first historical reference to the familiar cane shape goes back to 1670, when the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, bent the sugar-sticks into canes to represent a shepherd’s staff. The all-white candy canes were given out to children during the long-winded nativity services.

France: Divorce Could Get Easier Under New Proposal |

A key French minister on Friday voiced support for a plan that would streamline divorces when both parties consent, allowing court clerks approve divorces rather than a judge.

Anti-tea party T-shirts were deemed ethical by government | The Daily Caller

Materials distributed at the 18th National Government Ethics Conference informed U.S. government employees that they could wear T-shirts during the 2012 election encouraging people to vote in order to “get stubborn Tea Stains out.”