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South Bend ranks 3rd on list of unhappiest cities

No more teacher-led prayer in Vigo schools » News » News From Terre Haute, Indiana

As the result of a complaint from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Vigo County Corp. teachers and other staff will no longer be able to lead prayers during -sponsored events.

Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was ‘Scratched’ | The Daily Caller

Ex- official ’s computer was “scratched” and the data on it was still recoverable. But the IRS did not try to recover the data from Lerner’s , despite recommendations from in-house IRS IT experts to outsource the recovery project.

What a Major Airline’s Representative Reportedly Did to a Dad and His Two Kids Before a Flight Left the Father ‘Upset,’ ‘Embarrassed’ and ‘Humiliated’ | Video |

A passenger said he was deplaned and then forced by the airline to delete a Twitter post critical of Southwest’s customer service before he and his two children were allowed back on their flight.

‘Straight White Guy Festival’ coming to Clintonville? –

Flyers advertising an event called the “” have started to show up in an Ohio park that usually hosts gay pride events.

Festival Schedule | Ohio Festivals

Please check dates as time approaches, especially for any listings where there is an * (asterisk) next to the date. This means that I could not yet find a confirmation of the exact date for this year.

Feds fight to keep White House e-mails secret in Andrew Breitbart-Shirley Sherrod libel suit –

The Obama administration is fighting to keep secret hundreds of pages of emails detailing involvement in the 2010 firing and attempted rehiring of Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod after the late conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart published a blog post and video clips suggesting Sherrod was a racist.