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Port St. Lucie mom arrested after allowing her 7-year-old son to go to a nearby park alone –


Florida mom charged with felony child neglect for … letting her son walk to the park alone « Hot Air

Via Reason. Their house is half a mile, or a 10-minute walk, away. There are registered sex offenders in the area. Should letting junior go alone be mom’s call or the state’s?

Whoopi Goldberg Stuns Co-Hosts With Unexpected Stance: ‘I Know I’m Gonna Catch a Lot of Hell, but I Don’t Care’ | Video |

came out with a fiery defense of ESPN commentary Stephen A. Smith on “The View” Monday, saying no woman should be “surprised” if they make the decision to hit a man and the man hits back.

Jesse Ventura: Don’t feel sorry for Chris Kyle’s widow, I’m the victim here

: Don’t feel sorry for ’s widow, I’m the victim here. Jesse really should go to a Seal reunion.

Michigan councilman wants drug testing for officials

A Flint city councilman is proposing drug testing requirements for elected and appointed officials in the city.

CONFIRMED: Hamas Rockets Bombed Palestinian Refugee Camp | The Gateway Pundit

Italian reporter Gabriele Barbati, who has now left Gaza and is no longer under direct threat of retaliation by , is telling the truth about what’s going on there. bombed the Palestinian camp in Shati – not . Twitchy reported:

Russia Targets American Fast Food, Wendy’s, McDonald’s | Truth Revolt

The undeclared war on the American cheeseburger follows a two-year pattern of proxy swipes against U.S. businesses and interests in , including a ban last year on American adoptions of Russian orphans and demonizing of U.S. aid organizations and pro-democracy consultancies.

Lois Lerner Calls Conservatives ‘Assholes’ And ‘Crazies’ In Newly Released Email | Truth Revolt

Today, a new email was released showing Lerner’s existing strong bias against conservatives; a bias we have been assured does not, and did not, exist. A quick review of the email plainly shows the lie.