Hail to the Redskins – Fight Song – YouTube

U.S. Patent Office Cancels Redskins Trademarks [VIDEO] – FOX News Radio

(Reid) “A tradition of racism is all that name leaves in its wake.”

The U.S. Patent Office Just Ruled That This NFL Team’s Name Trademarks Must Be Canceled (UPDATE: Team Responds) | TheBlaze.com

UPDATE: The Washington have responded, the Washington Post reports, expressing confidence that the ruling against their trademark will be overturned.

Justice for Justina: Judge orders Connecticut girl to be returned to family | Fox News

A Massachusetts judge ordered the 16-year-old Connecticut girl, who was taken from her family by child welfare advocates more than a year ago, to be returned to her mother and father effective Wednesday. The ruling caps a long-running medical custody dispute that began when two highly-respected Boston hospitals clashed over the girl’s diagnosis. The case sparked national outrage, and led Lou and Linda Pelletier, of West Hartford, Conn., to wage a bitter legal battle.

‘I Can’t Believe It’s Happened’: Justina Pelletier’s Heartfelt Thank You Video After Judge Allows Her to Go Home | Video | TheBlaze.com

After 16 months, , the Connecticut teen in the middle of a tense custody case between a Massachusetts department and her parents, is thankful to be going home.

SB Common Council member makes push for regional smoking ban

A South Bend Common Council Member is making a push to go smoke free, not only in South Bend but in Mishawaka and the county.

Local Smoking Bans Can Hurt Businesses, Mo. Economist Says | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

A study from a Missouri economist concludes that smoking bans passed by local communities can have a negative economic impact on bars and restaurants previously frequented by smokers, the Associated Press reported Jan. 23.


We further question why studies on both sides of the issue most often utilize data related to sales tax revenues collected from bars and restaurants, or employment data of those workers who work in bars and restaurants.  We agree such data would be useful if the studies were exploring the relationship between smoking bans and tax revenues collected by various taxing authorities, or if they were exploring the relationship between smoking bans and employment in bars and restaurants. Very few studies actually utilize data of gross sales received by bars and restaurants in business before and after bans take place, which would , naturally, be of most concern to those who own bars and restaurants.

Businesses Harmed By Smoking Bans


BtBmi – Smoking Bans are Bad for Business

Click here for a list of 307 Michigan bars and taverns that went out of business within 2 years of our . And these are just the ones we know about. The list only covers the first two years of the ban, and doesn’t even include establishments that didn’t have liquor licenses. The exact number of jobs lost both from out-of-business establishments and businesses struggling to stay afloat must be staggering.

Some bars claim big revenue loss from smoking ban | KTVB.COM Boise

It’s been nearly a month since Boise’s new smoking ban went into effect.  Some bar owners are happy with it or don’t have a strong opinion, but others say because of the ban, they’re in danger of closing.

The Idea That Won’t Die: How Taxing Cars by the Mile is Back on the Agenda Again | TheBlaze.com

One option for raising money, the report said, its to create a “mileage-based user fee to raise revenues.” The report seemed to defend this option, by saying it “could lead to more efficient use of the transportation system.”

Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase – ABC News

The plan offered by Sens. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and Bob Corker, R-Tenn., would raise the 18.4-cents-a-gallon federal and 24.4-cents-a- gallon diesel tax each by 12 cents over the next two years, and then index the taxes to keep pace with inflation. The increase would be applied in two increments of 6 cents each.

Can firearms still be gifted after Abramski? | The Law Office of John Pierce, Esq.

Abramski did not affect the legality of buying a firearm as a gift.

Should clergy carry guns? – South Bend Tribune: Nation/World

A Roman Catholic priest responding to a break-in at his downtown Phoenix church grabbed a handgun that police say ended up in the burglar’s hands — and was then used to kill a fellow priest who tried to help.

TR Exclusive: New Names For The Washington Redskins | Truth Revolt

Since the government has decided to interfere with private enterpise by withdrawing the team’s trademarks, TruthRevolt has decided to help

Offensive? Here Are Some Registered Trademarks Still In Good Standing You Won’t Believe | Truth Revolt

Howe, a trademark expert, researched other registered marks to find offensive names. In the course of looking into it, some pretty amazing registered trademarks that are not in dispute were uncovered. This is just a sample.

Boy Disciplined For Bending A Paperclip | Truth Revolt

The disciplinary letter posted to Reddit includes the following “Circumstance of Incident” explanation: