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Rosetta Probe Touches Down On Speeding Comet

The Rosetta mission has successfully landed a probe on a comet moving at 34,000mph in a historic first for space exploration.


In Third Video, Obamacare Architect Talks About ‘Basic Exploitation’ Of American Voters [VIDEO].

In Third Video, Obamacare Architect Talks About ‘Basic Exploitation’ Of American Voters [VIDEO].

No Grounds for Claim that Obamacare Lowers Healthcare Costs | e21 – Economic Policies for the 21st Century

Public support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has plummeted now that the oft-repeated claim that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” is widely understood to be untrue.

14 Ways Obamacare Is Still A Disaster (That You Won’t Learn From Vox)

1. Premium Increases Although President Obama promised that a family of four would save $2,500 in premium costs thanks to Obamacare, almost the exact opposite has proven true. The Kaiser Family Foundation shows that the average employer-based family policy that cost $13,770 in 2010 cost $16,834 in 2014, an increase of more than $3,000.

School District Bans Teens From Meeting to Sing Hymns, Pray and Discuss God During the School Day |

A Colorado teen is claiming that public school officials told him and his peers that they are no longer welcome to meet, pray together and discuss religious subjects during instructional time, restricting his informal meetings to before or after the school day.

Obama Administration Won’t Arm US Border Patrol – Agents Forced to Share Guns (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The agents are now forced to share weapons in order to defend the borders and their own lives.

U.S. states’ pot legalization not in line with international law: U.N. agency | Reuters

Moves by some U.S. states to legalize marijuana are not in line with international drugs conventions, the U.N. anti-narcotics chief said on Wednesday, adding he would discuss the issue in Washington next week.

Roanoke School Board votes to outsource substitute teachers – Roanoke – Mobile

The board first talked about outsourcing last month. Officials have said they were exploring the idea because the system faces escalating costs linked to the health care law’s mandate that beginning Jan. 1 employees working an average of 30 hours or more a week be offered health insurance.

Shitexpress · Send a shit in a box · Punish someone · Stay anonymous · Pay with Bitcoin

Send a a piece of shit in a box to someone.

Startup Weekend Maker Michiana | November 14th, 2014 | Michiana | UP Global Startup Communities

Startup Weekend Maker Michiana is an all weekend event where creatives of all kinds (business people, developers, coders, designers, makers/engineers) come together to bring a start-up idea to life.

Our Boston TSA Heroes: ‘Even if Some of These Items, Such as Toy Guns, Weren’t Deemed Dangerous…’ – Hit & Run :