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Cruz: Voters Gave GOP A Chance, Now We Have To Earn Trust | The Daily Caller

You know, the fact that the people rose up and voted the Democrats out of power doesn’t necessarily mean they trust Republicans. They’ve given us another chance, but we’ve got to earn that trust and the way to earn that trust is to listen to the priorities of the people.

GOP ‘#RedWave’ Will Be Short-Lived … Unless : The Burning Truth

Alright, time for a reality check. Wave elections have a long history going back to 1842. 1994, 2006, 2008, & 2010 are the most recent.

Conservatives To GOP Leaders: Don’t Reverse Nuclear Option | The Daily Caller

Conservatives are sending a message to Senate leaders: Keep the nuclear option!

New Bullet Means Unlimited Shots For Fragile 3D-Printed Guns | The Daily Caller

A new type of hand-made bullet could be the key to the reusability of often-fragile 3D-printed firearms.

Baskin Robbins Honors Vets with Camo Ice Cream and Cones | Truth Revolt

Teen Fails ‘Jared Diet’ — Robs Subway Stores in Revenge | Truth Revolt

He told the detectives that he had spent a sum of money with trying the sub diet — the — and it  hadn’t worked for him. And he felt like he should get his money back.

Starbucks Bans Engagement Rings for Workers

has a new dress code for its baristas and other employees: no engagement rings allowed. The Seattle-based company blames federal food safety guidelines for the anti-jewelry policy. Even though engagement rings—and wedding bands with a stone—aren’t allowed, the company is now OK with nose studs and tattoos.

Why a Lesbian Business Owner Is Standing Up for a Christian Printer’s Right to Refuse Making T-Shirts for a Gay Pride Event |

Kathy Trautvetter, who founded BMP T-Shirts in 2003 with her partner, Kathy, told TheBlaze Wednesday that both women believe that businesses shouldn’t be forced by the government to violate their religious conscience.

Berkeley Passes Sin Tax on Soda – Hit & Run :

Berkeley, Calif., a city known for its progressive politics, made history Tuesday night by approving the first real sin tax on soda in the United States.

Justice Dept. dumps 64k pages related to Fast and Furious |

“Last night’s production is an admission that the never had legitimate grounds to withhold these documents in the first place,” Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said. “Approximately two-thirds of the universe of documents that the withheld from Congress has now been shown to be well outside the scope of executive privilege.”

Rob O’Neill named as Seal Team Six hero who killed Osama bin Laden | Daily Mail Online.

Rob O’Neill named as Seal Team Six hero who killed Osama bin Laden | Daily Mail Online.

100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare | CNS News

Every new GOP senator who won in last night’s election campaigned on repealing Obamacare.

Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates in Midterm Elections

As the election returns came in on November 4 one thing was evident—the Second Amendment crushed candidates in Senate and gubernatorial races around the country.

West Virginia Elects Barely-Legal State Legislator | The Daily Caller

The Republican 18-year-old Blair defeated her 44-year-old Democratic opponent 63 percent to 30 percent Tuesday, according to The Wall Street Journal. Blair said if she’s elected she wants to bring more jobs to West Virginia in an interview on Fox News.

Republican Elise Stefanik is Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress | Truth Revolt

Elise Stefanik is only 30 years old, and she will be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Stefanik defeated Democrat Aaron Woolf to win the seat vacated by Democrat Bill Owen in New York 21st congressional district.