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Report: Deputy’s alcohol level four times legal limit

preliminary police report alleges a Delaware County deputy’s blood-alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit when he caused a four-vehicle accident on Saturday.

VIDEO: White Officer Accused of Targeting Black Man with Aggression; Body Cam Tells the True Story : The Burning Truth

Yet another reason to require officers wear body cameras.

Ind. campus police acquire military surplus gear

Even as a national debate about militarized police forces rages in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting, at least six Indiana universities already had armed their officers with military leftovers, according to an Indianapolis Star review of public records. It’s a trend th

LA School District Police Will Return Grenade Launchers | Truth Revolt

The LA Unified School District will return the three grenade launchers it “acquired” for free from a government program that gives away military equipment to local police forces, according to the LA Times.

Indiana BMV to refund about $29 million – South Bend Tribune: Local

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has announced about 180,000 people will be getting excise tax refunds because their vehicles were improperly classified during registration over the past decade, leading to a total overcharge of about $29 million.

Dick Durbin: Amnesty Bill Will Help Contain Ebola

On Tuesday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that a comprehensive amnesty bill would have helped America contain the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Castro Valley winery fined $115,000 for using volunteers – San Jose Mercury News

A small-time vintner’s use of volunteer workers has put him out of business after the state squeezed him like a late-summer grape for $115,000 in fines — and sent a chill through the wine industry.

Gallup: Trust In Mainstream Media Returns To Record Low | Truth Revolt

This drop of trust is part of a long-term trend of disillusionment with the mainstream media that generated the citizen journalism movement and media watchdogs such as TruthRevolt. The source of the mistrust was explained in a Gallup release:

Actual Headline: “Global warming likely to cause colder and snowier winters, scientists say” | The Gateway Pundit

The US just suffered through its coldest winter on record. Antarctica sea ice set an all-time record this year. The global warming temperature pause has now extended over 17 years.

Don’t Put iOS 8 On Your iPhone 4S

Apple has made it so that that iOS 8, which goes out to the public today, will work on iPhones reaching all the way back to the venerable 4S. Which is good! But as Ars Technica found out the hard way, subjecting your elderly iPhone to new software may not be worth it. At least not yet.

“Nude-Colored” Bras Are Racist, An Example Of “White Privilege”…University of Oklahoma Op-Ed | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

Nubian Skin’s mission to bring nude products to women who aren’t white made us think about other subtle examples of white privilege we see in stores every day. For example, whenever you’ve had a minor cut or scrape and gone to reach for a Band-Aid, have you every used one that wasn’t made for light-skinned people? We guess probably not because flesh-colored Band-Aids for darker-skinned people don’t seem to exist.

Selling pop out of his locker loses its fizz › The Lethbridge Herald –

The Grade 12 student, who realized only diet pop was being sold in the cafeteria, made the short trek to a local grocery store to pick up a case of Pepsi.

Teenage founder of multi-million dollar lip balm brand lends support to girl fighting school ChapStick ban | Fox News

After 11-year-old Grace Karaffa challenged her school’s ban on ChapStick, making her case before the county school board and organizing a petition drive, the Virginia fifth-grader received support from an unlikely source — a teenage entrepreneur who created her own lip balm brand when she was 10 years old.

Americans know surprisingly little about their government, survey finds – The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Americans show great uncertainty when it comes to answering basic questions about how their government works, a national survey conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania has found.