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Moral Mondays fight for higher wages, other issues

“For those who don’t support increasing the , I challenge you to live my life for a week,” said McDonald’s employee Destiny Martin, surrounded by about 40 other activists. “Then tell me if I deserve a substantial wage.”

Meet the Bosses: Big Labor’s Top 100

While unions call for tax and minimum-wage increases to fix “income inequality,” reports to the U.S. Department of Labor reveal 472 officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 in 2013.

Another Flight Diverted Over Reclining Seat Dispute | Truth Revolt

Fifty-five percent say it’s acceptable airplane etiquette to recline your seat during a daytime , a new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows, while just 24 percent say it’s unacceptable. On overnight flights, there’s an even stronger consensus, with 78 percent saying reclining is OK, and just 9 percent that it’s not.

It has always been proper etiquette to not recline if someone was behind you. When did this change?

13 Airplane Etiquette Rules – Business Insider

The reality of air travel in the 21st century is that flying economy is unpleasant.

The Knee Defender Is Controversial – Business Insider

The Knee Defender is a gadget that uses two small pieces of plastic (just a bit bigger than a house key), which are clipped on to the arms holding up the tray table. If they are placed snugly against the seat back, that seat is blocked from reclining, keeping the users’ knees safe.

WAR ON WOMEN… Obama Supporter CeeLo Green Says “Women Who Have Really Been Raped REMEMBER!!!!” | The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday, CeeLo Green’s reality show was canceled after tweeting it’s only rape if the person is conscious.

11 Year-Old Threatened with Expulsion for Bringing VIRTUAL GUN to VIRTUAL CLASSROOM | The Gateway Pundit

An 11 year-old Second Amendment enthusiast was threatened with expulsion after using a picture of a gun and American flag as his avatar in a virtual classroom in Wisconsin.

Man dies after being denied defibrillator due to his chest hair, says widow | Fox News

During a Southwest Airlines flight in April, Caroline Jordan’s husband, Jack, had a massive heart attack. A physical therapist and hospice nurse on board quickly gave him CPR, she tells WABC.

South Carolina teen sues DMV over license photo – LA Times

Chase Culpepper, a 16-year-old who identifies as male but wears and women’s clothing on a regular basis, was ordered to remove his by officials when he tried to obtain his driver’s license in March.

Christians Are Sure to Love the Clever Way a 15-Year-Old Girl Sabotaged a Bookstore’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Display |

A 15-year-old girl somehow found a way to use the highly erotic “Fifty Shades of Grey” book to promote the Bible.

New wave of nude photo leaks plague celebrities as | Mail Online

Indeed, the internet is awash with speculation about the source of the leak. According to one anonymous 4chan poster, the release of nude photographs of celebrities was the product of an ‘underground celeb n00d-trading ring’.

Kirsten Dunst criticises Apple after stars’ nude iCloud images stolen | Mail Online

A list of the alleged victims of the hack – a staggering 101 in total – has also been posted online; most of whom have not seen any photographs leaked by the hacker.

Twitter User Gives Greatest Advice To Hollywood Starlets On How To Hide Their Nude Photos | Truth Revolt

But no one has given better advice to Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence (one of the highest profile nude leaks) than a twitter user, @hale_razor.

Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Telling Celebs to Stop Taking Nudie Photos | Truth Revolt

While he made it absolutely clear he finds the release of such photos horrible, he did make a joke about how no one would be able to obtain naked photos of celebrities if said celebrities didn’t take naked photos of themselves in the first place.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls For Probe Into Leaked Nude Photos; Apple Investigates Apps « CBS Los Angeles

The FBI is now involved in a massive celebrity photo hack scheme.

California legislature approves ban on plastic bags – Washington Times

The California State Legislature on Friday passed a statewide on plastic grocery bags — a first of its kind in the country if Gov. Jerry Brown signs it into law.

Plastic Bag Bans Are Bad for the Environment

Plastic bags generate 39 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than regular paper bags and require only 6 percent of the water necessary to make paper bags.

Plastic bags less damaging to environment – Telegraph

A draft report for the Environment Agency showed that the production of high density polythene (HDPE) bags used by shops had less impact on the climate than cotton or paper bags.

Reason Foundation – Bag Ban Bad for Freedom and Environment

The claims that plastic bags are worse for the environment than paper bags or cotton reusable bags are dubious at best. In fact, compared to paper bags, plastic grocery bags produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, require 70 percent less energy to make, generate 80 percent less waste, and utilize less than 4 percent of the amount of water needed to manufacture them. This makes sense because plastic bags are lighter and take up less space than paper bags.

Notre Dame concession provider gets new CEO amid dog abuse scandal | Local –

A new acting CEO is in place for a company that provides concessions at sporting events.

Uncle Sams Misguided Children – 3 Indiana churches vandalized overnight with Qur’an verses

Columbus, were defaced last night by verses from the Qur’an in what can best be described as a threat.