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Craiglist personal ad gay hookups linked to 16 percent boost in HIV cases, researchers claim | Daily Mail Online

A recently-published study has found a nearly 16 percent boost in HIV cases due to popping up in a new area.

UPDATE: Purvi Patel found guilty on all counts

The Granger woman made headlines in July of 2013 when her baby’s body was discovered in a dumpster behind her family’s restaurant.

Chances for Survival

Many factors determine an individual baby’s chances of survival. The most important of these are:

Elkhart is countersuing homeowners fighting annexation, cites ‘frivolous’ complaint – Elkhart Truth

Now it’s the city of ’s turn to sue.

Indiana considers legalization of alkaline hydrolysis as alternative to cremation, burial – Elkhart Truth

the process, which uses mostly lye and creates intense pressure by raising the temperature inside the chamber, leaves behind the same mineral ash from bones and teeth as flame , allowing the deceased’s loved ones to keep ashes in an urn, spread or bury them. There is also a liquid residue that is coffee-colored, with the consistency of chocolate and the odor of ammonia, which can safely be sent to a city’s sewage treatment plant.

FCC Proposal Could Undermine Private Broadband Market | The Daily Caller

Later this week, Chairman Tom Wheeler will propose a new rule that would allow municipal broadband networks to compete with private providers.

Nonexistent Treaties Cited To Justify Internet Regulation | The Daily Caller

But according to Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and a former representative to the WTO and the U.N., “no such agreement [as BATS] exists—it’s a mash-up of two WTO agreements, and neither requires WTO members to legislate net neutrality into hard law.”

We Need More Google Fibers, not Government-run… – TechFreedom

s, Americans want faster, cheaper broadband — and more competition. So why, among the three American cities with gigabit speeds, did President Obama choose the one where service is twice as expensive? Because this isn’t really about broadband competition; it’s about pushing government-run Internet, the ultimate fantasy of the Digital Left. That’s why the President is speaking in Cedar Falls, Iowa, lavishing praise on its government-run network, instead of in Kansas City or Austin, where privately financed Google Fiber offers gigabit service for half the price ($70/month).

House Votes 239-186 to Fully Repeal ObamaCare – Fox Nation

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has just voted to in its entirety.

The Stunning Thing That Researchers Claim the Ring Finger Could Reveal About Promiscuity and Faithfulness |

New research out of the U.K. claims that both men and women tend to fall into two categories: those with a propensity toward promiscuity or those who favor faithfulness.

Coke gets into moo juice with premium-price milk

Coca-Cola, the kingpin of carbonation, is about to get a milk mustache.

He’s Making More Than $100,000 Selling Bibles — but He Just Revealed a Major Personal Detail That Might Shock Some People |

Only a few years after he first tried his hand at selling digital Spanish-language , Trevor McKendrick is making a boatload of money. But there’s a key detail that some might find pretty surprising: he’s an .

BBC News – MPs say yes to three-person babies

MPs have voted in favour of the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one man, in a historic move.