Soccer Players Traumatized By Opposing Fans Chanting: “Trump, Build That Wall”

Podcast of this topic from my April 12, 2016 radio show.


There doesn’t appear to be any ‘actual’ racism here.  Just people who assume building a wall, or Trump are racist.  Those people are oxygen thieves unworthy of your time.

Also discovered this little tidbit:

At this time we can confirm that three elementary aged students who were sitting near Beloit fans said “Trump, build a wall”. Later in the game two high school students stated back and forth “Trump” four to five times. It has been reported that the game was stopped.

W … t … h?  Elementary school kids shattered the fragile psyche of these #strawberries?  Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as the coach running to the news.


Of course, this is racist.

Whether the fans crossed the line or not, I’ll leave to you. However, the players need to grow the hell up. This coddling of feelings because someone says something mean has got to stop. It’s weakness, pure and simple.

This type of chanting is a reality in sports. Soccer in particular.

Houston Press:

You think hurling bin Laden’s name is tasteless? How about the Daily Mail columnist who, on the day England faced West Germany in the 1966 FIFA World Cup final, wrote, “West Germany may beat us at our national sport today, but that would be only fair. We beat them twice at theirs”? Or the hooligans who greeted Jewish fans during a Lazio-AS Roma Italian league match with a banner that read “Auschwitz is your town, the ovens are your houses”? This is soccer we’re talking about, not Wimbledon. Offensive jeers are part of the game, and anyone who can’t take the heat should leave la cocina. Jingoism is the main reason futbol is the world’s most popular sport: Countries and regions can spill their aggression toward each other on the pitch and in the stands instead of on the battlefield. That’s why Mexicans love to trash the United States when the two countries play. Ustedes exploit us, humiliate us, dominate us in every socioeconomic category, even beat us in soccer — the United States has triumphed over Mexico in six of their last nine matches, including a 2-0 shellacking in the second round of the 2002 World Cup. So instead of wielding knives, our best revenge is the clever insult, the well-timed”Chinga tu madre” (“Go fuck your mother”) whistle, the beer poured upon Landon Donovan as he triumphantly exits the stadium. All the great soccer-playing nations draw rabidly nationalistic fans, and the United States will remain a third-rate country until Americans cry “Tacos!” next time Mexico’s squad invades el Norte.

Oh, you forgot about Mexican fans chanting ‘Osama’ when playing the US did you? Let me jog your memory.

Players are routinely hit with urine and garbage too.

To refuse to play because someone said something mean is as weak, childish, and pathetic as one can get.