Spitzer on Current TV Ratings: ‘Look, My Mom Watches, She’s Happy’

Olbermann said he wasn’t concerned about ratings out of the gate, but rather, with how many people would be watching a few years down the line. As of his termination from Current, where the famously combative anchor clashed with management over a reported lack of resources, he was pulling in an average of 177,000 total viewers, a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 1 million viewers Olbermann had when he left MSNBC last January.

The ratings for Spitzer’s debut looked even more anemic by comparison. But like his predecessor, he said there were no set benchmarks.

“Look, my mom watches, she’s happy. I’ve got a bunch of friends who love it,” he said. “I don’t have numerical, or geographic, or any other targets at this point. We are working to build a foundation. It takes time. We have work to do to let people know where we are.”