Standing O For Trump: ‘It Can’t Be Mitt,’ ‘You Can’t Have Bush’

Donald Trump, who on Saturday told a gathering of conservative votes at the Iowa Freedom Summit that he is “seriously thinking” about running for president, won raucous cheers and a standing ovation when he said neither Mitt Romney nor Jeb Bush should be the 2016 GOP nominee. 

“It can’t be Mitt because Mitt ran and failed,” The Donald said to loud applause. “He choked…  the 47 percent statement that he made’s not going away,” Trump said, referring to Romney’s statement that 47 percent of Americans are “dependent on government.”

And, Trump said, “You cant have Bush.” That line drew even more cheers. “The last thing we need is another Bush,” he said, mocking his support for Common Core and his “weak” stance on immigration. 

Trump wowed the gathering in Des Moines with his plain-spoken, common-sense approach to the presidency — and by zinging President Obama at every chance. 

“Our country is really heading in the wrong direction,” he said, noting that Obama is either “grossly incompetent or he has a completely different agenda than you want to know about.” He called Obamacare a “filthy lie” and even mocked his purchase of a house in Chicago — which sent one person to jail.

But he took aim at all politicians, who he said are “all talk and no action.” And Republicans didn’t escape his barbs, with Trump saying he is “disappointed” in his fellow party members. 

Trump said he could secure the border with a state-of-the-art fence: “Who can build better than Trump? It’s what i do!” And he said could create jobs, defeat ISIS, reduce budget deficit, secure southern border, stopping nuclear weapons, save Social Security and Medicare and fix America’s infrastructure.”

“I know what needs to be done to make America great again” and “I am seriously thinking of running for president because i can do the job,” he said. The audience gave him a standing ovation as he left the stage.


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