Stepfather Punched, Suffocated And Kicked Wife’s Daughter, 2 – She ‘Needed To Be Toughened Up’



(Daily Mail) – A stepfather who admitted repeatedly punching, suffocating, dropping and kicking his wife’s two-year-old daughter has been sentenced to up to 20 years in jail.

Savagely beaten: Kamryn Hummel, two, had a fractured skull and bruising all over her body after her stepfather's prolonged attacks

Brandon Bishop, 25, was given ten to 20 years in prison for the lengthy assaults on two-year-old Kamryn Hummel who he believed was a spoiled princess and ‘needed to be toughened up’.

In a video played for the court, Bishop showed a police detective how he kicked, punched, choked and dropped the girl after picking her up by her hair at the family’s home in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The girl’s mother Candace Watts, 22, admitted to knowing about the assaults and failing to alert police.

Watts was also sentenced yesterday to between 18 months and seven years in prison.

The girl is now in the custody of her father and undergoing counseling to help her deal with the trauma she suffered.

Outside Lehigh County Court, Nicholas Hummel, Kamryn’s father, told WFMZ-TV: ‘I was very disgusted. I just wanted to break down in tears.’

However Jarod Bishop, brother of Brandon, appeared to be of a different opinion about the video played in court of his brother’s attacks.

He also told the local station: ‘I believe the video was very cartooney. I don’t think a child would go flying in the air like a plastic doll.’

‘I believe the video was very cartooney. I don’t think a child would go flying in the air like a plastic doll.’

Jarod Bishop after watching video detailing his brother’s of stepdaughter

Brandon Bishop pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in December after abusing the little girl repeatedly between March and May.

Police said the abuse was reported by a great aunt who noticed the girl was limping and missing clumps of hair.

The next day a hospital found she had bruising all over her body and a fractured skull.

Officers who interviewed Bishop say he told them he beat the girl to make her tougher.

He admitted punching and kicking her in the face, body and groin, choking her, and dropping her on to a concrete floor at their home.

Watts admitted she knew Bishop was abusing her daughter from March until May 18.

In a written statement read in court in December, Watts said she told Bishop to stop but he wanted to make sure the girl was ‘not a weak one who got made fun of at school’.

Bishop said he was the toddler’s babysitter and had been abusing her since they moved into their apartment on March 7.

When police officers asked him why he did it, Bishop said the girl was a princess and her upbringing had been too lenient, The Morning Call reported.

The girl’s mother also admitted she witnessed many acts of abuse by Bishop, but ‘I can only imagine the stuff he does when I’m not around,’ according to the Morning Call.

Before she was sentenced, Watts said she had let her child down and one day hoped to have a relationship with her.

The couple got married a few days before their arrests in June.