Study: Journalists Are Biased Alcoholics Who Can’t Control Their Emotions


You don’t say.

Daily Caller:

A new survey of , reporters and broadcasters shows that media types drink more alcohol, and may have difficulty controlling their emotions and suppressing biases.

For her “ into The Mental Resilience of Journalists,” neuroscientist and executive leadership coach Dr. Tara Swart surveyed journalists and found that, despite constant deadlines, unpredictable work schedules, and alcoholism, journalists are fairly resilient to stresses due to their high sense of purpose.

Now, the sample size is ridiculously small (21). So, the study is crap. However, the study started with 90 journalists. Most did not finish. Some “self-excluded due to anti-depressant use.” The fact that so many didn’t finish is very interesting to me.

Bang the link to read what else the study says about journalists.