Stupidity – Man Drives $100,000 Porsche Into FRESH CEMENT



(Daily Mail By MEGHAN KENEALLY) – A man driving a Porsche in San Francisco was frozen in an embarrassing situation when he got stuck in a patch of fresh cement.

Costly mistake: The driver will likely have to replace the car's entire undercarriage and brakes, which will be a very expensive endeavour

The unidentified driver was attempting to sidestep some stopped traffic when he landed himself in the thick of ongoing construction on Thursday morning.

Construction workers quickly snapped into action as they tried to shovel the wet cement away from the car before it set.

The driver stayed inside the car the entire time, saying that he wanted to avoid the cement flowing into the interior.

Another reason to stay inside was to avoid the ensuing embarrassment that he rightly deserved.

Eventually, the car was removed but it is safe to say that he didn’t drive away scot-free.

The entire undercarriage and brakes will have to be thoroughly cleaned and likely replaced.

There is no telling how much that bill will be, though the typical price tag for that model of the Porsche 911 costs anywhere between $70,000 and $140,000.

The incident was spotted originally by Jim Gorzelany, an automotive writer for Forbes as he was driving on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco.