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Show Prep: Mon, April 13

South Bend tribal casino plan backed by district council member The plan for a tribal village and …

Show Prep: Wed, Dec. 11

ABSURD… Kissing Six Year-Old Suspended for Sexual Harassment (Video) | The Gateway Pundit A six-year-old boy kissed …

Show Prep: Tues, June 11

Whole Foods Market Examines Language Policy Amid Backlash « CBS Las Vegas A local grassroots organization is …

WOWO Show Prep: Tue, Oct 23

This is actually a pretty solid fact-check. FactCheck.org : False Claims in Final Debate In the third …

Show Prep: Friday, June 15, 2012

Online Retailer Imposes Tax For Internet Explorer 7 Users | Geekologie Australian electronics retailer Kogan has started …


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