Taylor Swift Meets Nine Inch Nails In Uncanny Mashup

It never hurts to take a minute and appreciate the stranger things in life, and there are few stranger music videos than this mashup of Taylor Swift and Nine Inch Nails. Shake It Off (The Perfect Drug) has gone viral over the last week, with YouTubers and social media users alike amazed by the preternatural synchronicity of the unlikely pairing.

It’s not the first unusual outing for the mega popular Swift song. Just last month, a police officer from Dover, Delaware made national news for his own dance and lip-synch rendition that was caught on dash cam and released by the Dover Police Department.¬†

The musical mashup has become an internet tradition, with some songs, like the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive, making dozens of appearances on YouTube. It is a virtual certainty Shake It Off will make many more before the next big thing.


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