I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it a million times more.  Ignoring a has never stopped the act of bullying.  Talking to the (or parents) rarely yields results.  The only thing that stops bullying is smacking the in the face.

Say what you want about this ’s methods, and I’m not necessarily defending her actions, but this bully has been taught a lesson.  I would assume the likelihood of this bully reoffending is slim to none.

Texas teacher reportedly lines kindergartners up to hit bully | Fox News

A Texas teacher will lose her job after ordering more than 20 kindergartners to and a classmate accused of being a bully, a district spokesman said Friday. The teacher at a suburban San Antonio school is accused of orchestrating the slugfest after a younger teaching colleague went to her last month seeking suggestions on how to discipline the 6-year-old, according to a police report from the Judson Independent School District. Both teachers at Salinas Elementary were placed on paid administrative leave, though the one who allegedly arranged the punishment will not work for the district next school year, said district spokesman Steve Linscomb. Prosecutors are reviewing the allegations and will determine whether formal charges will be filed in 30 to 60 days.