Teacher Reassigned for Bringing Toy Musket to Revolutionary War Class

A 20-year veteran teacher from Kissimmee, Fla., was reassigned to a school district office job after she brought a toy musket to show her eighth-grade class during an American Revolutionary War lesson.

The teacher, Gema Evans, was removed from her classroom and is being investigated because of complaints by some students who said they were frightened by the toy replica, according to Local 6 news

A reporter held up a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and said, “The toy rifle was something like this, but we’re told it wasn’t as threatening looking.”

Parents were interviewed for their reactions. “If it was one of those, like a squirt gun looking thing, then by all means, that’s fine,” said one. Another said, ” I think she took it too far in today’s times.” Yet most parents agreed that in any previous generation, this would not have been an issue.

A friend of the teacher said Evans “was doing her job” and using the prop was in no way “out of context” for the lesson. “[S]he would never mean to scare kids on purpose,” the woman said.

The report states that Evans has taught social studies and the Revolutionary War for many years but this was the first time she used a prop.

The report also notes that according to the school’s handbook, “look-a-like” weapons are prohibited from being on school property.

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