Ted Cruz: Kudos to Michelle Obama for Standing Up for Women Worldwide

Senator Ted Cruz offered some “kudos” to Michelle Obama after she refused to wear a head-scarf on her trip to Saudi Arabia.

The Texas politician posted on his Facebook page a shout out to the first lady that read, “Kudos to First Lady Michelle Obama for standing up for women worldwide and refusing to wear a Sharia-mandated head-scarf in Saudi Arabia. Nicely done.”



The Saudi’s have blasted Michelle Obama online for her lack of respect with over 1,500 tweets tagged with #MichelleObamaImmodest, #MichelleObamaUnveiled.

She was also shunned at the airport when many of the delegates coming to meet the President and First lady refused to shake her hand and nearly ignoring the fact she was there.

But of course, some on the left, one in particular, still had a problem with the fact that Cruz allied himself with the first lady.

On his show yesterday, Chris Matthews said, “What do we make of First Lady Michelle Obama not wearing a veil over in Saudi Arabia?  Some say she was not respectful enough. Some women’s activists, rights activists, are praising her. And actually, this is unfortunate, she got a kudo from Ted Cruz, but what does that tell you?” 

And that is why MSNBC ratings are down in double digits. 


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