The Bark Knight: Carved Tree Batman Sculpture

The Bark Knight: Carved Tree Batman Sculpture


The Bark Knight, get it? Because trees have bark on them. Growing up in Alabama we called that tree-skin. This is the carved wood Batman sculpture created by artist Thomas Earing, who, based on his name, I’m surprised doesn’t dabble in jewelry instead. The Batman carving stands about 7-feet tall (half of which is base) and took about 30-hours of chainsawing, sanding, chiseling, and oiling to complete, but only one Joker with a can full of gasoline and a Zippo to destroy. Also, is Batman squatting on one of those oldschool shitters with a pull-chain flush?

Keep going for a blurry shot of the whole thing from further away.


Thanks to F*** You GW, who’s apparently really into tough love.


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