The Blaze Asks If Government Can Force You To Join Weight Watchers, But There's A Problem With This Question

’s The has a 16 minute video that asks if the government can force people on . It’s an interesting monologue, but misses something extremely crucial.

I recently did a video on how McDonald’s beat San Francisco’s hatred of children.  In that same video I highlighted that ’s isn’t the bad for you food boogeyman portrayed by the media, government, and uncredentialed “health experts.”  In fact, the ’s diet (McDiet) has helped many people lose weight while enjoying food that’s … well … actually good.

Here’s the video that has the details:


One thing I forgot to mention in the video, and I’m really upset about it, is that Weight Watchers endorses the McDiet!

How’s that going to work?  You can’t have Michelle Obamacare waging a war against fast food, and then force people to use a system that recognizes that a disciplined person can lose weight by eating fast food.

But hey, if the mindless drones want to continue to be misled by farcical nonsense like “Super Size Me” … so be it.