The Daily Show Mocks Aborted Babies

Thursday night, Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show reached the nadir of its depravity — if there ever was one — when it openly mocked aborted babies as his audience shrieked with laughter. 

In a segment titled “The Unborn Ultimatum,” Jon Stewart sent his minion Jessica Williams down to Alabama to do his dirty work for him, where the cheerfully feminist comedian “investigated” a new anti-abortion law that drove the ACLU crazy.

In Alabama, teenage mothers are required to get parental consent before having an abortion, and if they don’t get that consent, then they are required to go before a judge. The new law H.B 494  allocates state funds to provide those unborn babies with attorneys to defend their life, something that Jon Stewart, Jessica Williams, and the ACLU really just didn’t like.

In an interview with one of these lawyers, Jessica Williams asked such snarky questions like “how do you maintain confidentiality with your client” and “how do you know if a fetus is innocent?” The lawyer wasn’t amused, calling out Williams for asking nonsensical questions and even accused her of playing “theater of the absurd.”

The segment hit its lowest point when Williams mimicked vomiting and asked “what is that?” as the lawyer showed her figurines of unborn babies during various stages of pregnancy.

“This is a human life,” the lawyer said.

“Oh, thank God, I thought you were trying to get me to buy chocolate to support your basketball team,” she replied.

When the lawyer showed her figurines of a baby at 12 weeks, Williams likened it to the alien in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror Alien.

The audience just laughed hysterically.


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