The White House is Cheesy

It’s back! The second annual “Big Block of Cheese Day” has been announced and in the same manner as last year, features White House officials and cast members from The West Wing — because that show is still relevant, apparently.

Replete with cheese puns, Hollywood actors and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, the video invites Americans to join in the online Q & A session with “senior White House officials” Jan. 21 using the hashthag, #AskTheWH. 

The revived event harkens back to 1837, when President Andrew Jackson held an open house in the foyer of the White House and invited Americans to come and socialize around a 1,400-pound block of cheese hauled in by a team of horses.

One big difference between that event and the upcoming one — Jackson was available for direct questioning, in person, along with his senior White House officials. But in today’s day and age, participants will have to settle for an online encounter — and no, the president will not be taking questions

And remember, this is BYOC — “Bring Your Own Cheese” — because like President Obama says, “There are no free rides in America.”


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