TheDC: Morning News Shows Spend More Time on SNL Special Than ISIS Beheadings

The Daily Caller noticed a particularly glaring coverage deficit among the morning news programs Monday in regard to the new ISIS video showing the mass beheadings of Coptic Christians in Libya. Most egregious was NBC’s “Today” show, which devoted ten times the airtime to the utterly trivial SNL 40th anniversary special as it did to the newly released ISIS video.   

The terror group’s five-minute long video, which was released Sunday afternoon, purports to show 21 ISIS hostages being beheaded. Egypt responded by firing airstrikes at ISIS targets on Monday, following the lead of nearby Jordan after one of its pilots was burned alive by the terror group.

However, “Today” thought the SNL special was of vast importance, covering the humor-filled three and a half hour-long affair for 15 minutes and eight seconds (908 seconds in total). Meanwhile, coverage of the ISIS beheadings totaled a meager one minute and 28 seconds.

Both ABC’s “Good Morning America” and CBS’ “This Morning” likewise devoted more time to SNL than ISIS, but in a less dramatically lopsided manner:

“Good Morning America” and “This Morning” both covered the SNL special significantly less than “Today,” but it still received more coverage than the ISIS killings. The two-hour long programs devoted two minutes and 30 seconds and four minutes and 27 seconds to the SNL special, respectively.

Meanwhile, less than two minutes of coverage was committed to the ISIS beheadings by GMA (1:48) and “This Morning” (1:57).


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