Theory: U.S. Navy Shot Down MH370

A French novelist and ex-CEO of a now-defunct airline has a new theory of what happened to still-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 — the U.S. Navy shot it down over the Indian Ocean.

According to the  Daily Mail, Marc Dugain theorizes that the Navy base at Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory shot the plane down, fearing it had been taken over by hackers and was to be used in a 9/11-style attack.

The report states that Dugain forged his theory after nearby islanders told him they had seen the large jet flying low above the military base and later found an empty fire extinguisher from the plane in the water. It goes on to say that he was warned by a spy to stop his investigation into MH370’s disappearance, which apparently boosted Dugain’s confidence that he was uncovering the real story.

This is not the first conspiracy theory to arise around the Diego Garcia U.S. military base. Some early theories had MH370 landing on the island after the U.S. captured the plane. The cyber-attack theory is not a new one, either.

Amazingly, four months after the disappearance of MH370, another Malaysia Airlines plane, Flight 17, was shot down over Ukraine by Russian separatists.

Dugain’s wild theory seems to be a combination of the two: cyber hackers and being shot down — adding the U.S military element for added media attention.


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