These Photos Apparently ‘Shatter Society’s Stereotypes About Queer Teenagers’

A collection of 15 photographs by M. Sharkey, titled “Queer Kids,” is said to “capture” the “major cultural shift” in homosexual teenagers around the world — from hidden inside the proverbial closet, to being as openly gay as possible.

Sharkey shared the photographs with and explained his own experiences growing up in the “not-so-accepting” 1980s, as a homosexual teen in Colorado. He said, “Being openly gay was not possible without intense reaction and potentially severe repercussions,” adding, “I had to be extremely careful about who I told. I wasn’t in the closet, but I was still not completely open.”

But celebrating this shift in perspective of the LGBT community by many in society, Sharkey wanted to create an “inspiring” collection of shots to highlight the change. He calls each capture, “an extraordinary moment in history.”

Here are a few of those “extraordinary” moments: labels these photos “stunning” and proclaims, “No closet in the world could ever contain teens this fierce.”


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