Thief Steals Camera – And A Life

A thief who stole a camera from a car didn’t just steal a camera, but a life. April McLean, from Charlotte, North Carolina, bore a son, Amari, who lived only 30 minutes. Photographer Faith Massey, who works for an organization called “Now I lay me down to sleep,” which photographs babies unlikely to leave the hospital, took photos of Amari’s 30-minute existence. But the next day, with her camera in the car in the garage, Massey discovered the terrible truth; someone had taken the camera from her back seat.  

Massey said, “It’s something that can’t be replaced. It’s something that is going to live in their hearts forever but the memory fades very quickly. Especially when you only have a few hours with your child. We photographed him with all of the family members, his first bath, did some video images of him and his mother.”  She added sadly, “I have insurance and I can replace that equipment, but I can’t replace those images.”

McLean, desperate to regain the footage, released a statement to WBTV:

Words cannot explain how I’m feeling right now, After losing Amari, Faith helped make sure that we captured all of Amari’s precious moments on her camera shortly after I gave birth til the moment he took his last breath. To find out that the camera has been stolen with the memory card full of the last moments with my baby, broke my heart. I’ve cried til I can’t cry anymore. The only picture with me holding my baby is in that camera and it was only 5 mins I was able to hold him. So PLEASE, if you are the person who took this camera PLEASE at least turn the memory card in to wbtv news. You may do it anonymously. At this point I don’t care who you are, To lose my child and to lose the only pictures we have of Amari can’t even be explained. Just hurts and heartbroken. Please Just give me back the last moments I had with my child.

Massey told Fox Carolina that she will do whatever she has to do to recover the footage, saying, “To lose your son and then lose the only images of him a few days afterwards is probably more than she can even process right now.” She had a message for the thief: “Have a heart for this family and know that these are the only images they have of their child.” She said that she only wants the memory card back.

The camera is a Cannon 6D with a 50mm 1.2 USM lens. The camera bag also had a 100mm 2.8 macro and 85mm 1.8 USM lens inside, along with other camera gear totaling over $5,000.

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